Rev. Sibyl Star is a what many call a "New Age Oracle", and if she were alive in ancient Greece, she could well have been a Priestess at Delphi. Not only has she mastered the science of Astrology, but has also studied Herbology, Meditation, Counseling, Reiki, and Shamanic practices. She is an ordained minister from the two year program at the Center for Sacred Studies, and is a retired Registered Nurse with over 34 years experience.

Sibyl’s primary Astrology mentor has been Steven Forrest,  whom she apprenticed with in his Evolutionary Astrology Program. Evolutionary Astrology works from the premise all souls are eternal and that we have a past, present and future which may be seen in the astrological chart. This amazing form of astrology can bring personal healing, self-awareness and great self-empowerment!

Sibyl has always had a deep connection with the Divine Feminine, and this is revealed in her readings ... through a deep understanding of the Goddess Asteroids, their myths, and their personal significance in one’s chart.

Rev. Sibyl currently lives in Sonoma County Northern California, where for many years she has studied the Earth-Based spiritual traditions, including shamanic and indigenous ways of prayer.

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“I believe the ‘Divine’ is a collective, and each of us an integral piece of that collective. At this crucial time in our evolution, our vibration is shifting into higher and higher frequencies -- as the Age of Aquarius pours the waters of Cosmic Consciousness into us -- and we remember our place in the Universe.” ~ Sibyl Star

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“Let the stars guide you on this journey of remembering who you are and show the way to your destiny!”

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