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Singing in Your Soul Family: You Are Not Alone


In the northern hemisphere, Summer Solstice and the astrological sign of Cancer bring in the abundant fullness of summer. Cancer is the sign of the Mother as we are fed and nurtured by the ripeness of this time. The face of the Great Mother that has shown up in relation to this ceremony is the…


Power of Awakening: Prayer in Motion

In the northern hemisphere, Spring Equinox and Aries brings in the birth of new life forms with vitality and a passion for living. Aries is the sign of the warrior with the goal of courage. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet has shown up in relation to this ceremony.  Her name means “Powerful One” and She is…


Star Talk Monthly Discussion Group – Mar 4, 2021

“We are in the midst of powerful energies and great change. How do we not only navigate but thrive as these potent forces swirl around us?  We have always looked to the stars for guidance and it is no different now. Join us as we look at the very dynamic astrological happenings of each month…


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