Galactic Astrology

Galactic Astrology

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galactic astronomy

Have you ever asked yourself that profoundly existential question “Who Am I?” Why Am I Here? Now is the time of “remembering” who you are and the cosmic journey of your soul. It is said that when you remember who you are, you will remember why you are here—your “Soul Mission.”

Have you ever felt that Earth is not your home? Have you ever wondered if your Soul is from another Star System? If so, you may be a Starseed. Starseeds are souls that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe. Many indigenous people know they came from the stars and through their cosmology they know which Star Nation. As we move into the Age of Aquarius we all will start remembering our connection to the stars as many of us are Starseeds.

Let me help you discover your Cosmic Soul Journey through the stars and your Starseed origin with a Galactic Astrology Consultation. The astrological chart is multi-dimensional just as we are. It shows our galactic energetic imprint as well as the imprint from our solar system. Many of us are “Starseeds” whose soul journey in the experience of separation from Source began in other Star Systems, galaxies and Universes. Let me help you discover your Cosmic DNA, the energetic imprint of the journey of your soul, and how it relates to this lifetime through a Galactic Astrology Reading.


Here is what you will receive in a Galactic Astrology Reading:

  • Your soul essence colors
  • Spirit Guides
  • Soul Origin as related to first fragmentation from Source
  • Starseed imprinting/ Cosmic DNA
  • Soul Journey and connections to different Star Nations
  • Star/Light Councils
  • Star family
  • Your soul history on earth
  • Galactic/ Ancestral/Personal karma affecting present life
  • Gifts and challenges in this lifetime related to soul journey in other star systems
  • Guidance on your Soul Mission


This is a 60-minute interactive and recorded Zoom call and the fee is $222.00. Contact me at to schedule an appointment. Also, contact me if you need to make other payment arrangements.


Sibyl Star

Let me help you discover your “Cosmic DNA” through a Galactic Astrology Consultation.

Galactic Astrology Consultation


galactic astrology

“Wow wow wow wow wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That was an incredible reading!! Fascinating!! It resonates in soooo many different ways and is sooo incredibly helpful for this exact moment in time!” 

- Vetiver Grayson, Asheville, NC


"I loved my Galactic Astrology Reading with Sibyl!  It was so spot on, corroborating information I had received from different sources regarding my Galactic connections over the years.  Totally resonated with me and I would highly recommend this expansive, and I feel, very accurate reading with Sibyl Star. Thank you!"

- Suzanne Smith, The Celestial Voice Sound Healing

"Dear Astro seeker Seekers,

Recently I received a galactic astrology reading from Sibyl Star. Briefly, I want to make a comparison between traditional astrology as compared to galactic astrology. In traditional astrology you receive information about how astronomical alignments and influences affect who and how one is in this lifetime. In Galactic Astrology, you receive information about your soul origin and your soul’s imprinting in journey of your soul as it traveled through time space and dimensions. For me, this information filled in many blanks and validated who and how I am more fully. I would highly recommend a Galactic Astrology reading.
Warm blessings,"

- Eleni Hulanicki BSN, retired Hospice nurse, MA Transpersonal Counseling
Minister in the Church for the Center for Sacred Studies

“Thank you, Sibyl, for the amazing and enlightening Galactic Astrology reading. Your ability to interpret and distill into language the influences of cosmic dynamics is astounding and stellar. I came away from the reading with a deeper sense of knowing of myself as well as  authentic felt connections with both old and new guardians and alliances. Since the reading I feel more expansive, more eternal and more supported by the Universe.... thank you!"

- Courtney C., Tennessee