"I try to see Sibyl every year on my birthday. I’ve received tremendous insights and guidance from the astrology readings I've had with her.  I’ve seen other astrologers, but after working with Sibyl I've always gone back to her. She is a wise, compassionate guide who I completely trust!

- Maria, San Rafael, Ca.

"Sibyl's thorough readings have been precious gifts I've given to myself over the years. Her insight has been a guiding force in my life, as I've embraced my choices with her counsel in mind. It's so amazing how knowing one's astrological chart can enlighten the body, mind & spirit. Thank you for allowing me the space for deeper insight and a broader perspective into my journey."

-  Michelle, Laurel Springs, MD

“Sibyl’s readings pack a punch! Her straight-up and supple guidance was a potent blend! I feel more directed and in alignment with what I can expect from the road ahead, thanks to her gifted spiritual insight and talents as an astrologer. Sibyl’s readings are truly comprehensive in how she ensures you come away knowing a LOT more about yourself and your purpose in this lifetime. She cares deeply about her clients and their well-being”. 

- Mary, San Francisco

What nourishes my soul is a strong healing intention, and that combined with focus and expertise is very powerful medicine indeed.  Sibyl embodies these energies plus her own wisdom and clarity of expression, in other words, she is a beaut and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her thorough readings to anyone looking for an astrologer whether for the first time or the zillionth.

In my life, I have found astrology to be an amazingly helpful tool that speaks to me in ways nothing else does; and Sibyl, as her name implies, has dedicated a large part of her life energy to gathering a deep understanding of the art and science of astrology and bring it to bear on the evolving meta-story of the stars and planets at a person's birth, down to earth for a very loving guidance.

- Berdalee

Having Sibyl as a Guide through astrology and her intuitive spiritual Self has been a blessing. My life partner and I have been joining Sibyl for her classes, online videos and private readings for several years now. We enjoy being part of the community that has been created around Sibyl's class gatherings. If you are considering who to turn to for a reading or looking further into astrology, Sibyl is your best choice.

- Marsha

Sibyl is a phenomenal astrologist. Not only does she understand astrology on a deep level, but she follows the energy of what is unfolding in a person’s life and brings the two pieces together. Her readings are powerful, accurate, and loving. She helps you understand what you are here to do in this lifetime and how the current energy on the planet is affecting your path. I have gained tremendous insight into my purpose and my ability to be fully present to the gifts that I have. I highly recommend Sibyl for individual readings and relationship readings. Both are powerful beyond measure.

- Jen P.

"I've done 3 astrology readings with Sibyl and I've been following her monthly class for 2 years now. Her skills as an astrologer, as well as her humanity, are incomparable.

Let's start with the readings: I did 2 relationship readings concerning me and a different member of my family each time, both people hadn't talked to me in months. 3 days after each reading I got a message from the person the reading was about! That's how powerful Sibyl is!

The depth of her work and the analysis of my soul journey have revealed parts of myself that I wasn't aware of, and that tremendously helped me understand my path and my purpose.

I highly recommend Sibyl as a guide and for her integrity and willingness to tell the truth, even if it means pushing her belief system, and yours.

If you want to know more about yourself on a deep level, she will do wonders for you."

- Cecile