Ho’oponopono Full Moon 9-8-14

Full Moon in Pisces, Sept. 8, 2014.


The Full Moon is upon us once again and occurs at 17 degrees of Pisces. This is the last of 5 SuperMoons which means the moon is at its closest proximity to Earth. Pisces is a water sign so the Moon’s effects on the tides and waters of the world, including our emotional bodies, might be very dramatic. The Full Moon is always in opposition to the Sun, now in Virgo. We are given the opportunity to come into balance with both signs as we learn their lessons and receive their gifts

This Full Moon is conjunct the asteroid, Chiron and trine Saturn in Scorpio. Chiron is the archetype of the “Wounded Healer” and brings with it the opportunity for healing through embracing our shadow, not only our own personal darkness but the darkness of the collective as well. We see the world adrift with intolerance, discord and emotional turbulence. As we are shifting into higher states of consciousness, these aspects of ourselves, personally & collectively, are coming into the light, they have to come into our awareness to be healed and released. The only way they can be healed is each one doing their own personal work.

Virgo teaches us humility. I have heard the way into Heaven is through humility. Life can be a very humbling experience at times. True humility means remembering that we are human and that we learn through our mistakes. One of the shadows of Virgo is self-criticism. As human beings we will never be perfect but we can improve ourselves by acknowledging our mistakes and allowing ourselves to grow by what we learn from them. The old saying, “We only learn from our failures, not our successes” is very true. Also remembering this is true for everyone, self-criticism can turn into intolerance & judgment of others when left unprocessed.

The Moon/ Chiron conjunction in Pisces offer us healing through forgiveness, empathy & compassion. Remember, hurt people hurt people and we are all hurt people on some level. The first place to start is with self-forgiveness. Forgiveness of self for not being perfect in this human form allows necessary healing to take place. It opens the heart to compassion for self & others which is the highest form of Love.

When we can forgive ourselves, we can then forgive others for their own lack of perfection, remembering that we are all learning. In the act of forgiveness it is also important to ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt in our imperfection. There is a teaching that says the reason we incarnate is for our hearts to be broken over & over until our hearts are completely open and full of compassion. Pisces feels the suffering of all beings and allows us to have great empathy which allows great compassion.

Pisces reminds us of our Divinity and that as spiritual beings we are already perfect. This concept of human vs. spiritual perfection is actually a paradox, which is something that cannot be intellectually understood, the truth of it can only be felt in the heart.

Pisces is the place where we remember that we are all one and creating this world together. One of the most important actions we can take in this time of great change and turbulence is to pray. Pray for ourselves, pray for others and most importantly, pray for those that are severely hurting & we perceive to be creating much of the chaos in our world as we are all the embodiment of the Divine. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, both of equal importance. We can raise the vibration of our human experience through the gifts of forgiveness, empathy and compassion. It is one of the main paths to Unity Consciousness.

I will close with a very special prayer called, “Ho’oponopono Prayer of Forgiveness.” It is a Huna prayer of making things right; right with yourself, right with others and right with our world. It can be said or sung as a chant. Here is its essence.

“I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. I thank you.  Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponopono.”

Sibyl Star