Starting at birth, we have all been subjected to Astrological events and alignments. Celestial bodies, Suns/Stars, planets, and moons exert energy fields that affect each of us. This force is often the same for some, but can also differ for the individual.

A simple and generalized example of an Astrology chart is the daily horoscope you read in a newspaper or online. When provided by a reliable source, and so many are not reliable, a Horoscope can point out energy trends important to a subset of people based on just the month(s) of their birth.

Imagine the knowledge you will have if you have an Astrological analysis tailored to you and the specific details of your birth! My Natal Chart will give you that.

You can also look at what is happening in the energy field you live in now, and be prepared to respond rather than react to challenges you are facing or will face. My Transit and Progression chart will provide you with that.

If you are facing challenges in relationships, imagine the comfort of learning more about the why and how of your interactions, to help smooth your daily life. An Astrology Relationship Chart with those you’ve surrounded yourself with!

A move can disrupt everything you’ve come to expect day to day. Having the knowledge of where you are in the fields of energy, based on your normal location can help you flow with the change rather than be buffeted by unfamiliar energies surrounding you. An Astrology Relocation chart will help.

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