Sagittarius New Moon- Seeking Balance with Mother Earth


Sagittarius New Moon, Dec 11, 2015 at 2:29 am PST

A new vision is being called forth by the New Moon in Sagittarius at 19 degrees. We are seeking a new vision for our world as the old structures we have created are crumbling and falling apart. There are those who are holding on desperately with all of their force but it is not sustainable any longer, if it ever was. The old ways of being are dying and as with any death, there is great fear. We may try to hold on and will succeed for a while but the forces of death, transformation and rebirth are stronger. The time has come for change. This applies to our personal lives as well as the world in which we live.

Sagittarius is associated with natural law and the rights of the natural world. Our mother, Mother Earth, is calling to us at this New Moon. She is telling us that She loves all of her children, not just humans and that we need a different vision to encompass respect and care for all life here. As the late poet/philosopher John Trudell says, “We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to existence and we are only a small part of it. There can be no trade-off.”

This Sagittarius New Moon is trine Uranus in Aries, which brings with it the possibility to move beyond what we believe is possible to dream a different world. The Divine Mind, the morphogenetic field, is open and flowing with creative ideas. We just need to catch those brilliant insights that are coming through from the Divine to create a more sustainable and just world.

Uranus in Aries ties this New Moon to a very powerful aspect called a T-Square with Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn. The old Pluto/Uranus square is back for several months. All of the imbalances and injustices in the world with the ensuing power struggles around these issues are activated by Mars in Libra. With it comes some intense emotions activated by fear. This fear can bring on a sense of despair and feeling powerless. Fear is in the field and we can choose how to respond.

The world is in crisis but we don’t have to be. The work of healing our world lies in the heart of each individual, for each of us are part of the collective. It is important to recognize when fear is triggered and to become aware of reactive behavior. We can step back and not participate in the emotional drama going on around us and in our lives. We can become the objective “witness” who can choose how to respond rather than being drawn into charged emotional reactions. We are being given an opportunity to break free from old patterns of fear that imprison us. Our world is locked in fear and as we free ourselves we free our brothers and our sisters.

For example, I had to turn off the internet news and refrain from participating in the drama happening on social media regarding the latest mass shooting. Participating in the drama was making me a little crazy. I realized that all of that anger was not changing anything and I was sinking into hopelessness. As I stepped back from the emotion, I could stay calm while still being aware of what is happening in the world and remaining hopeful.

The New Moon in Sagittarius is itself in a T-Square with Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces, another powerful pattern. We are challenged to not give up faith and hope in these difficult times for Sagittarius is the eternal optimist. Jupiter shows us how we can be in service to the Earth and a new vision with practical steps, such as faithfully composting, recycling, water conservation and buying local organic food. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, brings in the importance of healing our spirits through compassion and forgiveness for ourselves and others. Holding onto judgment, blame and anger for what has been, does not allow for the creation of the new.

This New Moon brings with it the possibility of prophetic dreams and much guidance through the dream lodge. If we can set our intentions for good dream recall and then work with them, we might be surprised what shows up for us at this time. It is a time of expanded consciousness so anything that takes us into non-ordinary states of consciousness such as prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying or plant spirit medicine work will allow for those channels of Divine guidance to open more fully.

The Light and the Shadow are both very strong now. The crisis here on Mother Earth is taking place in our own hearts. We can choose fear or we can choose love. Fear seeks to divide us; love seeks to unite us. When we are united in love we can conquer fear. The only way to come back into balance within ourselves and the Earth is to choose love for all beings. The natural world is calling us at this New Moon to come back into love and reverence for the Earth and for each other, to come back into balance. Our Mother, the Earth, will help us find our way in these dark times. Listen to the Earth and be the Light in the darkness.

“We have the potential for power when we are in balance with Mother Earth… Our sense of balance, our power will come back to us when we go back to nature’s way of protecting and honoring the Earth. If this feels overwhelming, go find a place to sit on the Earth. Feel the energy. The Earth will take care of us. For She is where our safety and power come from.” John Trudell (Feb 15, 1946- Dec 8, 2015)

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