Mercury Retrograde is
coming in September.
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Mercury Retrograde is coming in September.

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Evolutionary Astrologer and Spiritual Guide

Are you wanting to understand yourself and others better?

Using Astrology as a tool can help you do just that. Our journey can be complicated by not looking at the external forces affecting us.

It's common knowledge that Einstein spent his life proving, that at our core, each of us is comprised of energy and that the same applies to all matter.

That means that large collections of matter, like a celestial body such as a planet or our moon, is in truth, a large mass of energy. That energy is constantly being exerted on each of us.


We are at all times being affected by that energy. Celestial bodies are always in motion, and the energy field that surrounds us is constantly in flux.

Our journey is, therefore, is a weaving pattern of energy fields that can be understood, interpreted, and better navigated with the use of Astrological research and interpretation.

That's how I can help you.


I'm here to help guide you on your journey...

Rev. Sibyl Star is what many call a "New Age Oracle", and if she were alive in ancient Greece, she could well have been a Priestess at Delphi.

Not only has she mastered the science of Astrology, but she has also studied Herbology, Meditation, Counseling, Reiki, and Shamanic practices.

She is an ordained minister from the two-year program at the Center for Sacred Studies and is a retired Registered Nurse with over 34 years of experience.

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