Astro-Insights April 2015


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Embodying Change!

After a bumpy winter, we now have an exciting and productive month ahead of us. Aries energy abounds, as we start the month with a lot of fire and enthusiasm, while still reeling from the last exact square of Uranus and Pluto. We are being pushed to change ourselves and thus change our world.  Aries is a sign of new birth, asking what wants to be born in us and in our world, seeds of ideas and projects are beginning to sprout. There is also emphasis on relationships and those changes which may need to happen in our emotional connections with others. In between two powerful eclipses, we may be feeling our world is rocking as old emotional patterns and attachments will be coming into awareness to be reviewed and released. We are being offered the potential for emotional freedom, to no longer react in the old ways, giving us the ability to stay centered and strong in ourselves. Some tears may be shed as we let go and open to new possibilities. Lower vibrational emotional energies are coming to the surface, not only our own but also collectively. It is important to let these emotions pass through without giving them a story. This is a time of Awakening to our expanded selves, healing, and becoming whole again.  .

The energy is starting to shift and the grounding element of earth is now coming in strongly. Finally we can start to integrate the changes we’ve been going through. We are being asked to embody and move our ideas into the physical realm.  As we enter further into the month, the cosmic storm decreases in intensity.  There is more of a sense of calmness, and the feeling of urgency is not so profound. As this energy moves into this calmer place, building of the new can begin. The power of the Pluto/ Uranus square is still present but not quite as intense now. The doors of opportunity are now opening, so pay attention to all those things which were previously closed.

In summary, the month of April is a rich and fertile time for birthing of new ideas and projects. The weather is warmer and the Earth is blossoming with new growth and beauty. Take time to be outdoors and relax, sink into her cool grasses and smell her flowers. Let Mother Earth hold you in her lap for these have been changing times with many challenges.

Important dates and degrees:

  • Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Libra 15 degrees, April 4, 2015  at 5:07 am PDT,  8:07 EDT, visible in Pacific & Mountain time zones, greatest viewing time of eclipse, 5 am PDT, 6 am MDT
  • New Moon, Aries 29 degrees at 11:58 am PDT, April 18, 2015  at 11:58 am, PDT, 2:58 pm EDT
  • Sun in Taurus, April 20, 2015 at 2:43 am PDT, 5:43 am EDT

Sun in Aries: The Sun remains in Aries until April 20th and the energy remains pretty intense, especially around the Full Moon. Aries is the initiating energy of the zodiac. It is great energy, full of enthusiasm for new projects and new ideas. Aries asks us to have courage and face our fears. Remember, the definition of courage is not that we are not afraid, it is that we are afraid but do it anyway. But it is important to also realize what is reckless and impulsive for that is the shadow side of Aries.

 Mars in Taurus: Mars moved into Taurus on March 31st and will remain there until May 21st. This is a welcome break after all of the fire and destruction Mars left in his wake for the last two months while in Aries. Mars in Taurus provides the necessary stability, common sense and caution to actually get things done. It grounds the vision and enthusiasm of the Sun in Aries into reality.  Mars in Taurus is the builder; he is strong, patient and persevering in this sign. This is a great time to create that garden you have been wanting as Mars in Taurus loves to be outdoors with his hands in Mother Earth. Mars in Taurus asks you to listen to your body and its instinctual wisdom, a great source of guidance. Mars is trine Pluto April 19- 26th, a great burst of energy to accomplish hard tasks is available, take advantage of it!

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra- April 4th: Lunar eclipses are often more emotional in nature, having to do with internal changes and relationships with others. They often bring to awareness things that have been previously hidden. This Lunar eclipse is no exception. It comes in the midst of the Uranus/ Pluto square and is a Blood Moon, meaning the Moon is red during the eclipse. It may bring to the surface feelings we have been denying and need to be expressed. Relationships may end or new ones begun. Mercury is also involved here, so the direct communication of needs and feelings is important. How we communicate in our interactions with others comes into focus. Changes in our personal lives and relationships appear to happen quite suddenly. As we are freed from limiting emotional entanglements, we become free to fully express who we are.

Jupiter in Leo Direct- April 8th: Jupiter has been retrograde for the last four months, allowing us to reexamine all that we believe and has meaning in our lives. Often the gifts of Jupiter are withheld during the retrograde motion so that we can become clearer about who we are and with that knowledge, our direction in life. Now, with his direct motion, more opportunities will present themselves which are in are alignment with the expression of our divine spark and authentic selves. As Jupiter opens one door he often closes others. So even though it can be a time of great opportunity, it can also be a time of loss and letting go of things which no longer serve us.

Venus in Gemini- April 11th: Venus is in Taurus for the first part of the month. She loves the natural beauty and sensuality of this sign, so, it’s a great time to be in the garden, loving the flowers and fragrances of Mother Earth. On April 11th Venus moves into Gemini, which is all about connecting. She will challenge us to become more open minded and curious as we interact with others, releasing our judgments about the way people should act and be. Venus will encourage us to laugh, have fun and not take ourselves so seriously. This is especially important April 13- 17th as she opposes Saturn. Venus is also square Neptune April 17th– 21st, asking us to look at any unrealistic expectations we may of others and illusions we have may about them.

Mercury in Taurus- April 14th: Mercury is in Aries until mid-month. Here he can be quick, direct, and to the point. You might find yourself saying things you did not know you were going to say, but really did need to be said anyway.  As Mercury moves into Taurus, communication becomes more deliberate and cautious. The mental patterns move more slowly but with more thought and inner calm.

Pluto Retrograde- April 16th: In the retrograde motion Pluto moves away from the tight square it has been in with Uranus although this energy is still present. Pluto is now working more quietly behind the scenes, invisibly getting to the root of the problem. Pluto in this position is a signal for us to do our inner work and get deeper insights.

New Moon in Aries- April 18th: This New Moon in Aries happens just before the Sun moves into Taurus. It is almost like the cosmos is saying we are on a new frontier, and we need courage and ingenuity to continue on the path.  A new vision wants to be born, and as the Sun moves into Taurus two days later, we need start making these changes in the physical realm.  We need to embody these changes in our own psyches and in our world. Aries says “Yes, I will do it!” and Taurus says “Yes, I will build it!”

 Sun in Taurus- April 20th: The Sun moves into Taurus we enter one of the most fertile times of the year. Taurus is the earthiest of all the signs and some say Mother Earth is this sign’s true ruler. Taurus likes to be out in nature, feeling the fresh grass under our feet and smelling the sweet fragrance of the flowers. Let yourself relax a bit more and take in the beauty and the gifts of Mother Earth. Taurus asks us to become centered, find our place of inner calm. Like the tree whose roots go deep down into the Earth and branches reach to the sky; the tree which may sway but does not become uprooted as the storm swirls around it. Taurus becomes the builder of the new ideas and projects born in Aries.

Saturn in Sagittarius: Saturn remains retrograde in Sagittarius all month, asking us to continue to examine our self-limiting beliefs, what is our new direction and how we can manifest it.

Uranus in Aries: Uranus remains in Aries all month, continuing to prod us to think outside of the box and to provoke us to a breakthrough in any places where we are not being true to ourselves. Uranus continues to be in a tight square with Pluto all month but they are starting to move apart. The energy is still intense but beginning to lessen. Now it is time to begin the integration of the teachings of the exact squares.

Neptune in Pisces: Neptune remains in Pisces for the month, reminding us of the Unconditional Love of Creator and ultimately we are all One. On the shadow side, this is the placement with the most ability to lead us into illusion and self-deception.


Lunar phases

La Bella Luna!  Emotional Weather Forecast  April 20-26

During this week, the light of the Moon is waxing, growing into the First Quarter Square. We are being asked to nurture the seed that was planted at the New Moon of aligning ourselves with the highest vibration of ourselves, which is Love. The First Quarter Square is called a “Crisis of Action.” What do we do? What are we creating? As we set the intention of living each day in the vibration of Love we can ask, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself and others today?” Our higher selves will respond to us with the guidance that we need.

The Moon is in Leo conjunct Jupiter at the First Quarter Square which gives the direction of our Love. We can nurture the seed with joy, play, creativity and fun. The inner child wants to come out and play. Acknowledge the child within and have some fun!

 Lunar Calendar April 20-26

 April 20: The Moon starts off the week in calm and soothing Taurus but moves into Gemini mid-day. Gemini likes to have fun, tell some stories and have a good laugh. Gemini is also a practical joker reminding us to not take ourselves so seriously.  The Moon in Gemini loves to communicate, it might be time to have some deep heartfelt talks with those we feel can share how we are feeling. Gemini is the primary multi-tasking energy of the zodiac so it can also be day to get a lot done but be careful to not become too scattered, for that is the shadow side. Chronic busyness, especially to avoid feelings is always possible with the Moon in Gemini. The Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius in the early degrees, so some of the more fun loving aspects might be tempered and more serious subjects approached.

April 22: Late in the day the Moon moves into Cancer. The mood shifts from fun to deep sensitivity. Cancer often brings mood swings and feelings become paramount. One may not even understand why they felt so good yesterday and now are feeling vulnerable and emotionally unsafe. The Moon is in her own sign and can bring up what one is feeling unconsciously to awareness. More than any other Moon sign Cancer asks us to ride the wave of emotions that we feel knowing it is emotional energy on the move and that it will pass. It just needs to be released. On April 23rd the Moon activates the Pluto/ Uranus square so some unexpected emotional material may rise to the surface for further examination.

April 25: The Moon moves into Leo early in the day. Leo brings out the inner child and reminds us of the sacredness of play. The inner child within all of us wants our attention so take time from work to PLAY!!! The soul is nourished when we do so. The child within is alive and did not leave when we became adults, it is always a part of who we are. Leo loves to create and our creations are an expression of the Divine Spark that we all carry. It wants to be expressed in our own unique way so CREATE!! On April 26th the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Leo which is a very expansive, feel-good energy. Take some time to just enjoy life and all of the blessings of being alive.