Blood Moon! Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


blood moon with wolf

Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, April 4, 2015 at 5:07 am PDT

Libra is the sign of peace and love, yet this Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse is also a Blood Moon. The Moon is red during this eclipse which will give an indication of its power and energy. Springtime is known for being stormy and this spring eclipse is no different. The eclipse takes place at 15 degrees of Libra opposing the Sun at 15 degrees of Aries conjunct Uranus and square Pluto. Lunar eclipses are more emotional in nature and they often bring to awareness things that have been hidden. The eclipse is strongest in the three days of the Full Moon but remains strong for the next month and for some the effects can last up to six months. This could also be a time of loss as some may use this energetic opening to cross over to help us from the other side.

It seems as though many are already feeling this emotional intensity as this eclipse is bringing to the surface feelings we may have been denying. They will now need to be expressed. If we try to pretend we are feeling other than we really do it could make us ill. We may feel our world is rocking as old emotional patterns and attachments are coming into awareness to be reviewed and released.

We are being offered the potential for emotional freedom, to no longer react in the old ways, giving us the ability to stay centered and strong in ourselves. Any places where we might have co-dependent behaviors will come to consciousness so different choices can be made. Let those unhealthy cords to others be released. Some tears may be shed as we let go and open to new possibilities. Lower vibrational emotional energies are coming to the surface. It is important to let these emotions pass through without giving them a story.  Step out of the story and into what is true. This is a time of Awakening to our expanded selves, healing and becoming whole again.

 The Libra/ Aries axis is about balance between self and others. Where is the balance point between giving and taking? Libra is a very relationship oriented sign and its shadow is losing oneself in another. One of the teachings of this eclipse is that one needs to have a good sense of self to be in healthy relationship with others. This eclipse will bring up the places where we are out of balance within ourselves and with others, asking us to learn how to relate in ways that are in integrity with our true selves. For only when we are in integrity with ourselves, can we be in integrity with others.

Our relationships with others may be pushing our growing edges right now, reflecting those aspects of ourselves that we do not yet love. For example, if we feel ourselves being judged, look at how this may be a reflection of our own inner critic. If we feel ourselves being rejected, perhaps we are rejecting a part of ourselves. It is all about a return to love and it starts with loving ourselves. As we love ourselves more, the world will mirror back a more loving and peaceful environment. Always be kind & gentle in the words we use to speak to ourselves as we are only love in our true nature. Love heals everything!

 Libra is a very empathic energy and feels the energy of others. Some of the emotional intensity that may occur are emotions of the collective unconscious that are leaving the Earth plane through us. It may be hard to   differentiate what is personal and what is collective, the important point is to let the emotions pass through. As emotional channels open we will all probably have a bit of both. Science now tells us that feeling an emotion only lasts 90 seconds. If the emotion lasts longer than that, it is the story around the emotion that we are reliving that causes suffering. We have been living in a very low frequency but that is all changing as we release these energies on the return path to Love!

 The Moon is the connection to our unconscious well of emotion and to deep levels of soul. It is the place of our intuition and instinctual self. This eclipse will activate these aspects of ourselves very powerfully, dreams may be more vivid, moments of inner knowing could be profound. As the emotional energy channels clear, we become much more attuned psychically without all of the interference from low vibrational frequencies. As we vibrate at a higher frequency, the transmitting station of our intuition becomes stronger and the messages from our Higher Self become clearer. The guidance from our Higher Selves is connected to the consciousness of the cosmos and to the Love that embraces us in every moment. We are in the process of remembering and opening to that Divine Universal Love that constantly surrounds us and is in us. We are the face of that Love embodied here on Earth. In our true nature, we are Beings of Love!

 “Eventually we will come to understand that Love heals everything and Love is all there is.”  Gary Zukav

 Sibyl Star