What Would Love Do? New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces


New Moon in Pisces, Solar Eclipse, March 20, 2015 at 2:36 am PDT

What would love do? This is the question the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Pisces is asking each of us. How can we live more deeply, in every moment as the love that we truly are? Thirteen hours after the eclipse the Sun moves into Aries, creating the energy vortex of the Spring Equinox, the balance point between light & dark but with the light growing. In this space between the worlds, it is a time of giving birth to new life & new aspects of ourselves. What is the new vision of ourselves and our world that wants to be born?

At this time of accelerated spiritual growth, many of us are giving birth to our expanded selves into this new reality. However, as part of any birthing process, there are contractions as well as expansions. These contractions are the processes we are currently going through to release the lower frequency vibrations we carry that no longer serve us. This may be baggage taken on from many lifetimes, our ancestry, conditioning by family & culture or from experiences in this lifetime. As we acknowledge and own them as something living inside of us, they can finally be released. What we are bringing into awareness are any parts of ourselves we don’t yet love.

We are being pushed to release the veil of illusion of separation in which we have been living; the belief that we are separate from the Divine. As we come to love ourselves, the Divine Spark in each of us becomes activated, then the integration of our ego and our Higher Selves, our multi-dimensional Selves, occurs. As more people become integrated and whole, the holographic reflection of our shared beliefs changes and then our world changes. Change in our world is really an inside job.

As we know, giving birth can be a messy process. As things fall apart, they fall into chaos and out of the chaos the new is born. The old ways of being, believing and thinking are no longer functional. We are forced to discard them and open to new perceptions, new ways of understanding ourselves and our world. This Solar Eclipse in Pisces creates fertile ground for a paradigm shift to happen.

Solar Eclipses are portals that allow cosmic energy to flow into our reality; the Sun blinks and in the darkness, this energy rushes in.  It strongly affects the electromagnetic field of the Mother Earth. In the midst this eclipse, we are having the last of seven exact squares of Uranus & Pluto. Our crown chakras are activated, ready to receive. Our intuition, the gateway to the vastness of the Universe and to our Higher Selves, is heightened. It is important to take time over the 3 days when the eclipse is the strongest, the days of the dark of the Moon, to take some down time.  Meditate, go out into nature, create art or contemplate to receive the insights and perceptions that will be coming to you.

What is coming to you could be very powerful and may even scare you as it is asking you to step out of your comfort zone to the new vision of who you are becoming. As we give birth to our expanded selves, possibilities we have never dreamed of will be coming into our awareness. Trust your intuition! The energy of this eclipse can last up to a year, even though it is very strong for the next month.

The sign of Pisces has to do with experiencing our own consciousness and expanded states of awareness. It help us remember that we are all interconnected & everything is energy. Pisces reminds us of the Unconditional Love from which we all come and the life force of the Universe in which we live

The Divine Spark lives within every cell of our being. We just have to open to the vastness of who we are and live it in this reality. We are Divine Beings of Love, the Unconditional Love of Creator which lives within each one of us in every moment.  As we give birth to our Higher Selves in this new reality, we need to ask ourselves each day how we will live that day in the context of “What would Love do?” For Love is a state of BEING, not an emotion. Let Love guide the way in creating the vision of a new reality.

“Something inside you emerges….an innate, indwelling peace, stillness, aliveness. It is the unconditioned, who you are in your essence. It is what you had been looking for in the love object. It is yourself.”– Eckhart Tolle

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