Dancing with the Mystery- Scorpio New Moon

New Moon in Scorpio, Nov 11, 2015 9:48 am PST

The New Moon at 19 degrees of Scorpio is a journey to the soul. It inviting us to go deep within ourselves to the mystery that resides there. As it takes us to that place where the dark and the stillness reside, we are asked to go into the dreamtime. The Dreamtime matrix is where all potential, possibilities and dreams exist. Be willing to step into the unknown. By allowing ourselves to go into the darkness and dance with the Mystery our Essence selves can emerge.  It is paradoxical energy but “from a place of darkness all light emerges and the no-form abyss contains all possibilities.” (Arielle Spillman from the Mayan Oracle)

 During this lunar cycle our dreams themselves may be powerful, bringing understanding and guidance as well as taking us deeper into the Mystery. Core issues, belief constructs and old emotional patterns may surface to the light of awareness to be addressed. We are being asked to explore our inner processes and all of the potential our emotions hold. There are many treasures to be found there.

The Sabian Symbols are images that many years ago a psychic, Elsie Wheeler, saw for each degree of the zodiac. They are often quite powerful in helping to understand the symbolism of cosmic events. The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 19 degrees is “A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has heard.” In esoteric symbolism birds often represent spiritual forces. This can mean some level of spiritual channeling, Spirit speaking to us and through us. To be able to understand the messages we need to go into the stillness where that small voice from within can be heard with more clarity.

This is a very good time to develop a spiritual practice that takes us into the stillness and connects us more deeply to our soul. A good step to take in creating such a practice is to slow down, spending more time in the present moment. Meditating, praying, taking walks, reading spiritual texts, creating art and poetry are all good examples. Many are now using coloring books to go into meditative and contemplative states. There are many and varied ways to connect with innermost parts of ourselves and Spirit. Worrying about the future or regretting the past diminish that connection. Sometimes we just need to be in the mystery and understand that what needs to be revealed will do so in its own time. But it is necessary to create a space for that to happen.

At this New Moon an important astrological aspect called a “Finger of God” involves the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter with Uranus as the focal point. Uranus can bring a spiritual awakening, especially through synchronicity. If we are able to slow down, it is easier to pay attention to the world around us. The Cosmos will be giving us many “winks” to show us the way. This is a very powerful time to listen to the land, the animals, the plants, the clouds for everything speaks in its own way. It may snippets of overheard conversations or responses on FaceBook. I just had that happen today. Someone responded to me with exactly the guidance I was seeking in a prayer. It was uncanny! When we need to know something the answer is often there if we are paying attention. “Synchronicity is when you align yourself with the flow of the Universe rather than insisting the Universe flow your way.” Unknown

How will we know  when we have received Divine guidance? We will feel it! It may come in the form of tears, goosebumps, the hair on our arms or back of our neck will rise or a sense of deep calm. We will just know and we will feel inspired. To be inspired is to be “full of spirit.” As we slow down and begin to pay attention, notice what is inspiring us and follow its lead, trusting that it will bring us closer to God and to deeper levels of ourselves.

The date of this New Moon is 11:11, it has spiritual significance as it is an indicator of synchronicity. Many are seeing these numbers consistently. I think it says, “Pay attention!” We are being given a heads up that magic is afoot in this lunar cycle.

This Finger of God is asking us to have the courage to take the risks to live a truly authentic life, even if those we love do not understand our choices. It is also asking us to become passionate free thinkers and join our voices with others of like mind to break through the old, stagnant system in which we live. It takes courage to live and speak from the heart but that is the path we are being challenged to take. This is how we will change our lives and our world. We are being given guidance all along the way, it is our job to listen and to trust.

On the day of this New Moon is the Hindu Festival of Light which is called Diwali. Out of the darkness the light emerges and the beauty of ourselves and our world is revealed. But the journey into the darkness, the stillness and mystery is part of that process for that is where the potential for all things exist. When we can dance with the Mystery as it contracts and expands, we will be in the flow of the Universe where possibilities can become manifest.

I am the darkness that is the light and the stillness that is the dancing.” T.S. Elliot

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