FaithKeepers- Sagittarius New Moon

Sagittarius New Moon- Dec. 6, 2018 at 11:20 pm PST

In the northern hemisphere the month of December is always the darkest time of the year. We can also say that collectively we are going through some very dark times here on Mother Earth. On Nov. 8th the planet Jupiter moved into the sign of Sagittarius which he rules and where he is very powerful. Jupiter is known as the Great Benefic and gift giver of the Celestial Realm. Jupiter in Sagittarius is the light in darkness that we have so desperately needed. The New Moon at Sagittarius 16 degrees is widely conjunct Jupiter, activating his many blessings and teachings.

Jupiter will be in Sagittarius for the next year, opening doors and passing out gifts of the Spirit. One of those gifts is faith, specifically a belief in the beneficence of the Universe and the goodness of humanity even in the darkest of times. I recently discovered the Native American tradition of the Faithkeeper.  “In the Native American tradition, one member of the tribe assumes the role of ‘Faithkeeper.’ This person’s role is to remain at peace, centered in spiritual vision, no matter what events befall the tribe. Even if everyone else in the tribe slips into pain, fear or dissension, the Faithkeeper is the one person the tribe can rely on as a lifeline to the Presence.” Andy Cohen.  During these challenging times, we are all called upon to become Faithkeepers. This is our role now.

Rick Tarnas, a famous astrologer and professor at California Institute of Integral Studies, says that we are now going through the “eye of the needle” as we begin the shift into a higher level of consciousness personally and collectively. Saturn is now in his own sign of Capricorn which is about maturity, responsibility and integrity. We are being asked to come into alignment with our inner truth but to do that we must be shown where we are out of alignment which can be difficult. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a gift from the Universe to help us keep the faith while Saturn in Capricorn shows us the work that needs to be done.

Sagittarius is a visionary sign that is on a quest for the truth. Its symbol is the archer who is shooting his arrow of light into the cosmos, seeking what has truth and meaning for each of us. Jupiter in Sagittarius offers us an expanded view of our larger self and new ways of perceiving reality. Jupiter was in Scorpio for the last year which allowed us to release false beliefs that no longer served us. We are now positioned to see the bigger picture in new and expanded ways, changing our beliefs about what is possible and understanding deeper truths about ourselves and our world.

Here in the U.S. after the mid-term elections a new vision for the kind of world we want seems more of a possibility. Our Congress, on federal and state levels, looks more like we do with many women, people of color, indigenous people and more LGBTQ individuals than ever before. There is a bold vision for a Green New Deal, Medicare For All, Campaign Finance Reform and many other progressive ideas on the agenda. We know it will take work but many of these are ideas whose time has come. We just need to stay true to the vision and have faith about what is possible.

At this New Moon in Sagittarius there is a square (challenging aspect) to a Neptune/Mars conjunction in Pisces. There can be much misinformation, deception and illusion with this aspect, from outside sources as well as from within. As we are on this quest for the truth, this Piscean energy can cloud our vision and make us believe what we want to believe, not necessarily what is true. It can take us down rabbit holes of our own creation, taking us off the mark in our quest. These rabbit holes are often the stories in our heads while the truth is what we feel in our hearts. It is important to take the time alone to meditate, be out in nature, pray, or whatever way we can clear the debris from our consciousness so we can listen to our inner truth. Jupiter and Neptune, especially in their own signs, connect us deeply to our intuition, the truth that lives within.

Now is an opportunity to suspend disbelief and cynicism to allow for new possibilities and ways of perceiving our world. For example, “According to the Heart Math Institute, we can in fact transform at a cellular level, other people’s ‘negative’ emotions into lighter ones by radiating empathy, care, compassion and love from our own heart fields.” What a gift to share in this holiday season of giving, to realize that to respond with love can change at a cellular level the heart of another. The gift of love is always the best gift, for it is love that heals as nothing else can.

The light of this New Moon in Sagittarius is the light that lives in our hearts, the inner flame of Spirit. It is our inner light that lights the world. The fuel that feeds this light is love and generosity of spirit towards ourselves and all other beings.  In this time of giving I share this prayer, “May all beings everywhere awaken to the inherent goodness that dwells within themselves and all others.” Jupiter in Sagittarius reminds us to believe in ourselves and have faith that ultimately it is the goodness that lies within our hearts which will prevail and guide our way.  As Helen Keller said, “Faith is the strength by which a shattered world will emerge into the Light.”

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