Path of the Awakened Heart! Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse


Sept 1, 2016 at 2:03 am PDT

A solar eclipse is a portal, the Sun blinks and cosmic consciousness flows in. As the portal opens we also are able to expand our consciousness into other realms. It is a time where we can grow, expand and learn much about ourselves and the nature of reality on deeper levels. This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 10 degrees of Virgo on Sept 1st.  It is visible through parts of Africa, Asia and Europe. The Sun and Moon are also tightly conjunct the North Node of the Moon which indicates the way forward. Virgo is a sign of service and service is the expression of the awakened heart. Who, what and how we are being asked to serve is the question. The chart of this eclipse gives us some clues.

This eclipse is in a very challenging pattern called a T-Square made of up of the Sun and Moon in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces and squaring Saturn and Mars in Sagittarius. It is a complicated pattern to break down, so I will just share my insights about the whole pattern.

We are on a sacred journey of self-realization; it is our mountain to climb in this life time.  With this eclipse, that is what is up for each of us right now. We have an opportunity for the expansion of our own consciousness and as we do we serve not only ourselves but our world as well. The challenge is to explore our growing edges and examine our beliefs about who we are. I recently had an experience where something that I had believed to be true about myself my whole life was shown not to be true at all. I came to the awareness that I had created a story around how I felt, not what really happened. It was actually pretty shocking. Be open to allowing information to come pouring in that may be uncomfortable but leads to deeper levels of truth. As our beliefs change, our reality changes

Neptune in Pisces brings its strongest challenges as well as its gifts to this eclipse. Neptune is the planet of illusion and delusion. There is a saying that “there are none so blind as those who will not see” and it applies here. We all have our blind spots about ourselves, our families, our relationships and our world. Those places may come up for review as the veil is lifted. It takes courage and humility to see things as they are, not as we want them to be. But to become self-realized, that is what must happen as it aligns us more closely with our truth. Neptune’s gift is compassion.  When we can have compassion for being less than our idea of perfect, we can then also have compassion for others.

Saturn and Neptune are both in a powerful aspect to this eclipse. Saturn may activate the mindset of what we think we should  be doing while Neptune may cause confusion and a sense of feeling lost.  All of this combined together can trigger the inner critic for which Virgo is so well known. One gift of Virgo is humility while a gift of Pisces is compassion. There are times when we cannot see our way forward and are beset by guilt because we cannot. When we can have the humility to be in a place of surrender and say “I don’t know what to do,” grace can follow. When we can stop worrying about the future and allow ourselves to be in the present moment, the channel of divine guidance opens. It is not always about what we want but what Spirit wants to come through us.

The present moment is where we are most in contact with our intuition which is our connection to divine guidance. That divine guidance will show us our steps on this sacred journey of life. Often the most important steps are small ones that are about being rather than doing,” the choices we make in each moment. When we choose kindness, compassion and gratitude daily, we can transform not only ourselves but our world. It is the path of the awakened heart.

The energy of the solar eclipse lasts for about six months or longer if it activates an important point on one’s chart. It is also a New Moon which is about planting a seed and setting an intention. A possible intention or prayer for this solar eclipse could be something like, “May I treat everyone that I encounter with loving kindness. Or “I am so grateful for my life and all of my blessings.” This is a very simple but powerful act that can be transformative and life changing.

This very powerful solar eclipse is showing us that the way forward is through our hearts by choosing kindness, humility, compassion and gratitude which our world so desperately needs. In our quest for self-realization, it is more about who we are becoming as we live each moment than what we need to do. As we walk in the world in a state of becoming with each choice we make, no matter how small it seems, it can shift reality. This is being in service to the Beloved, which is each one of us as a face of the Divine. As Rumi says, “Why struggle to open a door between us when the whole wall is an illusion?” We are in service to love which is the path of the awakened heart.

“The scope of service is not limited to heroic acts, great gestures and huge donations to public institutions. They also serve who express their love in little things. A word that gives courage to a broken heart or smile that brings hope in the midst of gloom is as much service as heroic sacrifice. A glance that wipes out bitterness from the heart is also service, although there may be no thought of service in it. When taken by themselves all these things seem to be small, but life is made up of small things. If these small things were ignored, life would be not only unbeautiful, it would be unbearable.”  Meher Baba

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