Revolution of the Heart


Aries Lunar Eclipse, Oct 8th, 2014 at 3:56 am PST

We are heading into a very powerful series of four total eclipses. On Oct 8th, there is a total Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon in Aries and the Sun in Libra. In a Lunar Eclipse, the light of the Moon is eclipsed by the orbit of the Earth passing between the Sun & Moon. Lunar Eclipses bring to light things that have been hidden within ourselves & others. Often issues within relationships come to light. The energy of a Lunar Eclipse can last up to six months.


This Lunar eclipse is at Aries 15 degrees and is tightly conjunct Uranus & the South Node. Aries has to do with courage, setting boundaries, will and desire. Uranus brings change, freedom from places where you are stuck and presents new options. Uranus hits like lightening, you don’t see it coming and are sometimes in shock after it happens. It can be related to the Tower card in the tarot, it can be challenging but very healing because it brings the changes you need and the awareness of old emotional patterns that no longer serve you. It is the planet of Awakening!

Pluto is in a square, a challenging aspect, to this eclipse. He represents the shadow material you carry that needs to be brought to consciousness and healed. In this pattern, the shadow is fear. We are all being asked to look at all of the ways we manifest fear such as judgment, limitation, self-doubt, greed, intolerance and separation. This is about having the courage to look at our fears personally and collectively. Our personal fears create the collective fears and we are living in times of great fear & projection. We are all mirrors of each other, we see in others what lives in us.

The collective shadow of fear veils the planet now but it is the time of purification. All that resides in the darkness is coming to the Light but must come into our conscious awareness to transmute it. This can be very painful as we encounter it in ourselves, our relationships & the world. The energy is very intense as the old patterns and ways of being are breaking down but there is much resistance. The old ways of violence & hatred triggered by unconscious fears, especially of change, are raging across the Earth. It seems the world is in chaos but remember “All great changes are preceded by chaos!”

Uranus is the planet of revolution & change and we are seeing revolution in many of the repressive areas in the world. People want freedom to control their own destinies. And the shadow is showing us how deep the wound of fear really is and how much healing needs to be done. The real revolution though is inside each of us. We create the collective and our lives by our choices. We can always respond to fear with knee-jerk reactions or we can choose a different way.

Love is the opposite of fear. Fear keeps love out but when we can love, it heals the fear. We have been conditioned to believe that we are not worthy of love but need to do something or be a certain way to have love. This is the real awakening that is taking place inside each of us, remembering that each of us are loved by Creator. We came into this world as the embodiment of Divine Love. Our essential self is only Love. We are not here to be loved, but to Be Love!

The Sun, Venus & the North Node are in Libra and are showing to the way to come back into balance, with ourselves and our world. Libra asks us find our own center; observe what creates imbalance & disharmony in yourself. Usually it is unresolved conflict or being out of your integrity, doing or being in ways that are out of alignment with your truth. We can only have peace in the world when we have peace within.

Libra gives the gift of empathy, feeling what another is feeling, actually it means “being inside another.” We do not have to accept bad behavior but we do need to deeply listen and recognize & feel the suffering of others, sometimes that is all takes to heal a conflict. This creates resonance with others, being on the “same wavelength”, where real dialogue can happen.

When we listen with our hearts we then connect in Love and are then heard also. We remember that we are all Love & come into Unity Consciousness.

And finally, this eclipse is part of a grand fire trine with Jupiter in Leo & Mars in Sagittarius. This is the gift of Divine Fire, the inspiration that will show us creative solutions to our current dilemma, our intuition and creative juices are flowing! The Light of the Universe is activating our Light Bodies. It is coming in full force, all we have to do is open our hearts & minds to receive! The Winds of Change are blowing! This is the time of the Great Awakening!

“Change in the world comes from individuals, from the inner peace in individual hearts. Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”  Dalai Lama

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