Magical Mystery Tour! Scorpio Solar Eclipse, Oct 23rd



Solar Eclipse, Oct 23, 2014 at 2:45 pm PDT

Welcome to this magical mystery tour of this partial solar eclipse! When the Light of the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon at 0 degrees of Scorpio it is a journey into the depths of your own soul. Some First Nations People say, “to not look at the Sun during an eclipse but to look at yourself.” The Light of Awareness is moving inward. A Solar Eclipse which occurs at the New Moon is a time of endings & beginnings, but before the new can begin there is often old unfinished business which need attention. It is also the time of the thinning of the veil with many souls crossing over to help from the other side.

In Scorpio, the unfinished business is often old patterns and unprocessed emotions. It is the sign of death, transformation & rebirth which brings deep healing. We are being asked to release what no longer serves us, old emotional patterns, attachments, behaviors & relationships. When we are asked to change or change comes into our lives unexpectedly it can cause pain & great fear. When we have great losses it is hard to see beyond the pain. Fear can hold us tightly in its grip, holding on desperately to what is known & familiar.

The transformation that Scorpio brings is through the gateway of emotion. It asks that we feel our emotions deeply whether that be grief, anger, sadness, joy or bliss. When we continue to feel, even when it hurts, it keeps our hearts open and that is the key. We must feel our emotions fully or they become locked in the body which can cause illness and adds to our personal & collective pain bodies. The pain body of unprocessed emotion is creating a lot of the suffering in our world. Our pain bodies carry the story long after the event when the emotions remain unprocessed.

Venus is conjunct this Solar Eclipse, she is in superior conjunction of the Sun and disappears from the morning sky for over a month. She will reappear as the evening star in late November. In ancient times when Venus disappeared she was thought to be journeying to the Underworld for healing, renewal & regeneration. It has been told in an ancient myth, called the “Descent of Innana.” It is a journey into the mystery of one’s self, often preceded by loss, illness or pain though not always, where we discover the depth of our own soul. Great resources of creativity, fertility and strength await us as we remember our true Self. We often forget who we are by losing our way in another or a path that is not truly ours. At this time of the Solar Eclipse, we are all being called to make this journey of remembrance.

This journey also represents the cycles of life, forms of all things come to their organic end so that something new within us can be reborn. We need to trust this process, understanding rhythm & cycles of our own lives and the Earth Herself. It is important to trust in life every moment, remembering that our lives are following a cosmic pattern that we often cannot see.

Your greatest guide right now is your own intuition, it is your inner compass. You may have guides & healers to help you but your inner voice, if you are willing to listen, is your best guide on the path to your Essence Self, the embodiment of Love.

In our DNA is a blueprint for how our individual cells trap light and convert it to energy. Fear & unprocessed emotions create blockages that do not allow the light to be released. This Scorpio Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to move through the blockages and release the full magic, power & light of your true state of Being!

 “Through the magnetism of your living aura, you draw in or limit the frequencies of light deep into the cellular structure of your body. If you live your life out of fear, magnetically speaking, you limit the amount of light that touches your DNA. The more open hearted you are, the more you magnetize that very same DNA….Your DNA is a library of consciousness that is completely dependent on the frequencies of light. The body is designed to awaken to these higher frequencies, which is why humanity really only seeks one thing- to live in the state of Love.”  Richard Rudd— “The Gene Keys”

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