Serenity Prayer, Taurus Full Moon

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Taurus Full Moon Nov 6, 2014, 2:23 pm PST

This Full Moon in Taurus activates very powerful energetic vortex which occurs at 15 degrees of Scorpio. It is exactly at the midpoint between the Fall Equinox & Winter Solstice and is called a Cross Quarter day in the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Another name for this point is called Samhain, or “Summers End” in Gaelic.

It is the time of the year when the veil is most thin and spirits abound. The ability to commune with our beloved dead is possible. It is also the time of the year, when the veil is thin that many find the door to the other side and cross over. Full Moons always are high energy, magical times, but this one falling at this energetic vortex, also carries with it mystery & supernatural overtones.

All Full Moons are opposite the Sun, so the energy of both signs are prominent, the light of the Sun in Scorpio is reflected in the Taurus Moon. It is a time of integration of both energies. Scorpio takes us into our depths, where we look deeply at ourselves and asks us to release old emotional patterns that keep us in bondage. We are asked to look reality in the eye and surrender to what is. It reminds us of the cycles of life, all forms come to an organic end to be reborn in another form. We often experience deep grief as loss is experienced as life changes. All emotions are felt more extremely now.

At the same time, the embodiment of the Moon in Taurus can give us comfort. The evolutionary goal of Taurus is serenity; to be like the tree that is anchored deep in the ground through it roots as the storm swirls around. We often cannot control life circumstances but we can control our response. Even in the most challenging times, you can have inner calm by staying centered in your being.

Taurus is very much about being fully present in your body. It is a time to listen to the wisdom of your body and take time for self-care. Your body has great wisdom, telling you what you really need. The key is to pay attention and listen what it is telling you. Taurus reminds us to slow down especially when your emotions & your life are swirling & chaotic. Take time for a walk in nature, lie down & put your feet on the ground. Mother Earth can hold and support you in times of turmoil & change. And the beauty of nature inspires to remember the joy of being alive!

A molting snake, in preparation for shedding its outworn skin, retreats into the serenity of stillness. We are all in the process of shedding our old skins, as part of that process we need to become very still, entering into the wisdom within. As we listen to our inner wisdom we come to trust that life is as it needs to be even if we don’t understand or like it. The more we resist this truth, the more we suffer. Life takes all of us down mysterious paths that we don’t understand in the midst of the process. Acceptance of our process, trusting its truth, connects us to our true Self and brings peace & serenity to our soul.

In these changing & tumultuous times, the Taurus Full Moon reminds us of the wisdom of our bodies, the beauty of nature, the joy of being alive & the serenity that we can experience in every moment!

“Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy & serenity.”   Thich Nhat Hanh

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