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Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune/ Mars in Pisces

Are you ready for a new adventure, a journey that takes you so deeply into yourself that you come out the other side into the Kosmos? Into the deepest parts of consciousness where we are one with Creator? There’s a new kid in town, Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. It is present for most of 2015. It is being activated by Mars, which has just gone into Pisces.

Saturn has just gone into Sagittarius where he will be for the next two & half years (with a short retrograde back into Scorpio for a few months.) Yea! We have been doing such deep emotional work for the last few years with Saturn in Scorpio but now his sights are set to work on our self-limiting beliefs, many of which are fear based. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to look at learned beliefs, values & judgments that we have acquired from second hand sources. Those that have come from our culture, our religion, our families; those beliefs that tell us how we should be in the world. Are they truly your own?

Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to open our minds to the bigger picture. The best way to do this through experience. Experience those from other cultures, other belief systems, and other ways of living to expand your consciousness & find common ground. These next years are great ones to travel for spiritual growth.  Sagittarius teaches that it is the journey not the destination that really matters, the spiritual growth comes in the adventure.

Neptune in Pisces asks us to acknowledge the face of Creator in each human being. It helps dissolve the feeling of separation and our self-limiting beliefs of essential differentness. As we open to experience other beings of different cultures we come to know them as children of God, just as we are. In our essential nature we are all Love.

Neptune in Pisces gives us the opportunity for direct experience of the Divine, where our learned belief systems completely dissolve. We experience the Divine through our intuition, it is your direct link with the Source of all life. There is no need for learned belief systems when you are in direct contact with the Truth. We have constant access to this truth when we are living in the present moment for that is where God truly lives within us. When you can make the shift from your head to your heart is when you can hear the inner guidance which will never fail you. Take the time each day to be still and fully present to listen to your heart. Trust your intuition!

Mars has to do with will and direction in life. Mars in Pisces asks us to align our will with Divine Will. If you are listening to your intuition will know what to do and flow into the perfect action that is required. With the square to Saturn, the challenge is to not let the beliefs about what you should do and who you should be interfere. Don’t let limiting beliefs keep you from actualizing who you are and your purpose for incarnation. Just as all the cells of our body have an intent, we are cells of the Universe with a specific intent.

“Trust in God by honoring & trusting your intuitive sense. No God would create a creature without the wisdom to chart its course. Trust the nature of your design. God’s actions appear within your awareness as the most natural thing for you to do. Following them will reconnect you with the awesome powers of the Universe, for all your actions will then be in harmony with the underlying intent of the life force itself.” Ken Carey

We are on a spiritual adventure into the truth of the real nature of the Kosmos and ourselves. We are being guided by the GPS of your soul, your own intuition. Surrender to Divine Will and let yourself be guided!

Sibyl Star