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Taurus New Moon- May 17, 2015 at 9:13 pm PDT

“My body, my anchor, my ferry into this world, my earthboat.” (Karen Ethelsdatt) The words of this poet tells the theme of the New Moon at 27 degrees of Taurus. There is a focus on the body and form in this lunar cycle. As we shift into higher levels of consciousness, our bodies are our anchors and our guides. The innate intelligence of the body is always there if we allow ourselves to be in the present moment and listen carefully. Listen to every ache and uncomfortable feeling as our bodies will show us where we are out of balance and what we need to do to come back into balance. Many people have had health issues recently, myself included. These health imbalances can be our greatest teachers if we pay attention.

Taurus is the earthiest of all of the signs and this New Moon reminds us that our bodies are the most precious gift that Mother Earth has given us. As we are going through the many changes in consciousness in the paradigm shift we are experiencing, it is important to remember that our consciousness is linked to every cell in our bodies. As our consciousness expands and vibrates at higher frequencies, our bodies must also vibrate at those higher frequencies. We cannot fully awaken if our body and consciousness are not at the same vibration, the vibration of love. When we have health issues, our bodies can show us where we are not yet in the vibration of love.

We are being asked to become aware of how we treat our bodies. They need good quality food, sunshine, air, water, rest and exercise. It is important to do self-care and it is actually an act of self-love when we do. As we are moving into this new paradigm, our bodies need to become the temples for the consciousness of the love that we truly are. Our bodies are truly living temples of Love. In this lunar cycle of the Taurus New Moon take time to enjoy the pleasures of Mother Earth and our bodies. Love the sensuality, the beauty and the wildness of this earthly experience. The Earth is lush with sensual delights now. Lay down in the grass, feel the Sun on your face, listen to the birds, smell the beautiful flowers and taste the fresh foods that are available. Unplug from all the stimulation and go outside into nature. Take time for hot baths, long walks, chocolate or whatever brings pleasure. Not only your body but your spirit will be invigorated and the life force will grow stronger.

The ruler of Taurus is Venus, goddess of love and beauty. During this lunar cycle, she reigns supreme and asks each one of us to recognize and honor our own beauty. As we look in the mirror, actually a symbol of Venus, say “I love you. You are beautiful.” Our bodies will respond as they so need to hear this. We have been a culture that for too long have denigrated the body, it is time to reclaim its power through love.

As we love our bodies we can grow to love ourselves more and more. When we can love ourselves exactly as we are in this moment is when a shift in consciousness happens. We are loved by the Divine in every moment as we are all faces of the Divine. It is our ego self, that needs to remember that each of us are Love in human form. For with integration of our small self and our Higher Self, heaven on earth occurs.

Taurus is a sign of fertility so it is also an energy of abundance and fertility in our own lives. Plant the seeds of abundance during the lunar cycle with prayers of gratitude, saying “Thank you” for all of our blessings and all of  those to come. For even in difficult times if we can remember to give thanks for our blessings we can find much joy and the difficulties will eventually pass. An “attitude of gratitude” actually creates abundance and blessings in our lives. I know that prayers of gratitude have changed my life in a most beautiful way.

This New Moon falls in the midst of the star family of the Pleiades. This Pleiadian energy of love abounds for us now reminding us that we are Beings of Love in our true nature.  There are many indigenous & ancient peoples who say they came from the Pleiades as part of their cosmology. There are teachings that say we come directly from the Source into this galaxy through the stargate of the Pleiades and for many the Pleiadians are their spiritual ancestors. The Pleiadian teachings of Love are coming in very strong now. It is no accident the star system of the Pleiades falls in the middle of Taurus from our perspective on earth. For that Love is not only for ourselves but for Mother Earth as we are Her children. As we love ourselves, we love Mother Earth. As we love Her, we love ourselves. We are a living temple of Love!

“I am the Divine in this body of Earth. I carry the wild inside me!”  Marissa Evans   

Sibyl Star     

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