Trust Yourself!- Full Moon in Sagittarius

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Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 2 2015 at 9:20 am PDT

Sagittarius, the archer, is shooting his arrows into the Cosmic Fires of the Universe. Its aim is pointed at a deeper understanding of the truths of the Cosmos and is an explorer of consciousness. Sagittarius is on a quest for the meaning of life and knows that life is a great adventure. This exploration can happen in many ways such as shamanic experiences, religion, philosophy, travel or expeditions into the natural world. Sagittarius is a right brain, experiential and intuitive energy. The Moon in Sagittarius can take us on an adventure into our own inner landscape, our own unconscious material where we hold so many deep truths. This Full Moon occurs at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.

The Full Moon is opposite the Sun in Gemini and so reflects its light very brightly. Gemini has to do with the mind and our thought processes. Sagittarius is an indicator of our belief systems. Oppositions have to do with the connection and integration of different but related issues, in this case it is our thoughts and beliefs. “Thoughts are electromagnetic patterns and beliefs are merely thoughts that are repeated over and over as they are passed from person to person.” Robert Perala

Our beliefs are the imprinting of thoughts from our families, religion, culture and contact with others. When our beliefs are strong we may stop asking questions and can screen out whatever does not conform to our beliefs. Our beliefs can bring a sense of security as we believe we come to understand what life is about and how it all works. But it is a false sense of security if we believe we have the whole truth. There is always so much more to the truth and we are so much more than our limiting beliefs relay to us!

Neptune in Pisces squares this Full Moon presenting a challenge to trust our intution. Neptune, known as the Divine Heart, takes us deeply into our own hearts and to our intuition. Our intuition is the direct link to our Higher Selves and is connected to Source and the truth of all things. We are being asked to explore our own consciousness for that is where we will find the real truth for ourselves. By opening our hearts to love, our consciousness expands to receive the guidance we are seeking.

A good example is decision making. When we try to make a decision in our mind, we can go round and round, weighing this and that. The mind actually brings in fear and clouds the process. The heart, with its connection to Source and the intuition, is where the guidance and direction are located. If we can take a moment to get quiet, relax and tune into our heart, we will become aware of the right choice for us in that moment. How many times have we said, “I wish I would have listened to my intuition!” My experience is that if it feels right in my heart, it is right. If it gives me a sense of peace even if the choice is difficult and scares me, it is still the right choice. I can feel anxious after the choice if it is difficult but the small voice inside reminds me of the truth of the decision. Then the mind can come in show us how to implement the choice we have made.

When we are connected to our intuition, we just know when something is true. We feel what really lands in the heart as truth. There could be chills, tears, laughter or a deep feeling of peace when a truth really resonates and guidance comes. Sagittarius asks us to find the truth for ourselves through our experiences and intuition. Trust your intuition and your own experiences. No one else has the truth for you. Trust yourself!

During the month of June, there is a beneficent trine between Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius and Uranus, another aspect of intuition known as the Divine Mind. There could be many synchronicities that give us guidance. The openings through the veil could be very strong. Pay attention and listen, guidance for all us is very powerful right now and is all around us.

Sagittarius is related to natural law and understands the truths that lie in nature. Spend time outside this next month, take hikes, go to the lake and spend time with the wild. Our souls are invigorated when we are in nature through a deeper connection with the Divinity that resides within and all around us.

Mars is traveling close to the Sun the whole month of June which is an aspect of self-empowerment. Being able to listen to guidance from our Higher Selves and trusting that guidance will lead us to remember who we are and what we have come to do.  We are Beings of Love and when we live in the world as Beings of Love, we change the world!

“You have to save yourself from so many good-intentioned people, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that. Listen to them, thank them. They don´t mean any harm — but harm is what happens. You just listen to your own heart. That is your only teacher. In the real journey of life, your own intuition is your only teacher.”    Osho

 Sibyl Star