The Beauty Way! Taurus New Moon

Taurus New Moon- May 4, 2019 3:45 pm PDT                                  

We are in the most beautiful time of the year in the northern hemisphere. Everything is green, the flowers are starting to bloom and their fragrance permeates the air. The New Moon occurs in the midst of all this beauty at Taurus 15 degrees which is the astronomical power point of the cross-quarter day of Beltane. Earth energies are at their strongest and most active, the sexuality of life and the earth is at its peak. Abundant fertility, on all levels, is the central theme of this sacred time of the year. Beltane honors Life!

Take time to be out in nature for the soul nourishment and life force that it provides. Taurus reminds us that if we want to enjoy the beauty of nature and the nourishment it brings, we need to slow down and be in the present moment. The Divine is more accessible to us when we are fully present and especially in the natural world. Breathe deeply and take in all the beauty and fragrance of the flowers, the sounds of the birds and the sun on our skin. We are healed on deep levels by Mother Earth, we need to lie in her lap and let Her heal us in these turbulent times of great change.

Mother Earth is alive and communicating with us. As Terence McKenna says, “Nature is alive and talking to us. This is not a metaphor.” Uranus, the Divine Mind, is now in Taurus which is opening the channel of communication with the consciousness of Mother Earth. She speaks through the wind, the clouds, the animals, the water, etc. all of nature is Her voice. Taurus also reminds us to be like the tree whose roots go deep down into the Earth while the storm swirls around us. When we are centered and still within ourselves is when we can hear Mother Earth speaking.

Uranus (Divine Mind) is conjunct Mercury (human mind) at this New Moon which is the combining of science and spirituality. Science is now catching up to what indigenous people and many spiritual traditions, especially more ancient ones, have known, everything is energy. We live in and are part of that energy field.  In 2012 the Higgs Field, which is a field of energy thought to exist in every region of the Universe and has also been called the “God Particle,” was discovered. We are constantly emerging from and impacting the field because we live in a participatory universe. As we participate in this field, it is important to be conscious of our words; say what we feel but be careful about how we say it for words aligned with emotions manifest on the material plane. As John Wheeler, scientist philosopher, said, “We are creating the Universe as we go.” Let us create what we really want as we learn to work with this field of energy.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is in Aries, the archetype of the Warrior.  There are many other points in Aries at this New Moon, including Mercury, Eris, Vesta and Chiron. Aries can bring up conflict and anger. We have seen anger, hate and the fear that underlies those emotions on the rise. It seems like almost daily some violent atrocity occurs. Where is it coming from? Venus is in a dynamic and challenging T-square with Athena, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node which is allowing old material from our past and the collective unconscious to rise to the surface. We are faced with conditioning from the past about the value of life; that some lives are worth more than others. We are a world out of balance.

To come back into balance, we must have compassion even while standing up for what is right.  We can also demand better laws but even though laws may provide some protection, they cannot change hate and anger. Only healing the heart can do that. Healing the heart takes the courage to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to feel our own pain and anger, then with compassion and self-forgiveness, release them in a conscious manner. We must choose carefully how to engage with negative energy, for it can attach to our own emotional triggers and we end up feeding it. We must pick our battles wisely. As the saying goes, “We do not have to participate in every argument to which we are invited.”

Venus is also one of the primary archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Venus brings teachings of self-love and self-worth, asking how much do we value ourselves? How much of how we feel about ourselves is conditioning from our culture, our family or ancestral lineage? We are challenged to release beliefs around who we really are as well as conditioning around the value of the feminine, the feminine body and consciousness. Mother Earth is a body of feminine consciousness known as Gaia. She is a living, breathing being and all life on Earth comes from Gaia and Her feminine consciousness.  How much do we value Her and the life She gives? As Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring,” said, “We destroy what we don’t value, and we can only value what we understand.” We must understand that the devaluation of life that we see daily in this world lies in direct correlation to the devaluation and denigration of the feminine and Mother Earth. The way back to balance is to value ourselves, Mother Earth and all Her children once again.

Venus in Aries teaches that one of most important things we can do for ourselves is self-care. Taurus is the sign most related to the body as it is a gift from our Mother, the Earth. In these times of great change, a lot of stress can be put one’s body so take the time and resources to care for it. Our bodies need good healthy food and water, sunshine, rest, joy and play. We also need beauty in all its many forms as it opens and heals our hearts. Nature provide us an astounding array of beauty in Her sunsets, forests, rivers, and mountains. Sitting in the lap of the Mother and allowing Her to heal our hearts helps to heal our world. The Beauty Way is the way of the heart.

This New Moon in Taurus teaches that we must be grounded and centered within ourselves to meet the challenges of the outer world.  As we align ourselves with Mother Earth, we are anchored to Her inner core which is Love. As we feel Her love, we feel an inner sense of well-being that is not dependent on the outside world which is unstable and changing. There are many different prophecies and New Age teachings that are telling us that Mother Earth is moving into higher dimensions and that we are moving with Her. They say the field in which we are moving is made of compassion, the highest form of love. When we can feel compassion, our hearts open. We can then feel the Love and it is the force of Love that will change our world.

I Walk In Beauty- Navajo Prayer

Beauty in front of me, Beauty behind me,
Beauty Above me, Beauty below me,
Beauty all around me,
I walk in Beauty…

Sibyl Star