Aries New Moon- Your One Wild and Precious Life!

Aries New Moon- April 5, 2019 at 1:50 am PDT

Aries comes at the time of year, in the northern hemisphere, when all life is fresh and new. It is springtime when the life force and vitality of Mother Earth comes in strong and the darkness of winter gives way to the growing light. It is a time of giving birth as evidenced not only by blossoming plants but also the many animals who give birth to their young now. This New Moon at Aries 15 degrees asks, “What is now ready to be born in our lives?”

Aries is a part of the individuation process where we leave the great Cosmic Sea of Pisces where we are all one. Aries begins the “Hero’s Journey” of consciousness around the Wheel of Life where we learn and grow. Like the wave that becomes individuated for a moment but is still connected to the ocean, it is important to remember that we are both individuated and part of all that is. This New Moon provides teachings for both.

The initial phase of the individuation process requires courage to even take the journey.  Aries represents the Warrior archetype whose major teaching is about courage. Having courage does not mean one is not afraid, it is about being afraid but walking through that fear. A warrior brings in the energy of protection which requires setting good boundaries and saying, “No” when necessary, which often takes courage.  Aries teaches us to take care of ourselves and that is important to stand up for ourselves without stepping on the rights of others.

This New Moon in Aries is in a square to a Saturn/Pluto/South Node conjunction in Capricorn. Aries is related to our desire nature, which is activated with strong life force energy now. This Capricorn square brings challenges but ultimately shows us how to manifest new growth in our lives and our world. The Capricorn conjunction of planets reveals the conditioning of the past and leads us into the unconscious for deep healing and release of that what no longer serves us.

Another big teaching of Aries is conflict resolution and how to deal with anger.  Pluto in a square to this Aries New Moon takes us deep into areas in our hearts where we are still wounded as part of the individuation process. It shows us where we hold anger, especially as related to feeling powerless. The unconscious may still be holding onto old hurts around feeling powerless, especially from childhood when we did not have much control or power in our lives. Often, we can feel powerless when our boundaries have been violated and we then stuff these feelings of anger away in the unconscious until we can face them.  Feeling powerless can also make us feel like we don’t matter.

Many people, especially women in our culture, are discouraged from expressing anger and are even afraid to do so. This is when anger becomes unconscious.  When we are unconscious of our anger and/or its underlying causes, it can either go inward where we can hurt ourselves or be misdirected outward towards those not responsible for the hurt. When our anger or its cause is unconscious we are easily manipulated. There is much anger in the collective field right now that is coming forth as aggression, manifesting as everything from road rage to genocide. It is important to address conflict as it arises so it does not go back into our unconscious to fester.

This Aries New Moon is opening a channel for heart healing around the places where we hold anger and allows it to come into conscious awareness. We are being given an opportunity to look at this within ourselves so we can make different choices that help us heal and become empowered. Good outlets to release built up anger is doing anything physical such as dancing, gardening, martial arts, etc.

When we allow ourselves to feel anger it can help us defend ourselves, set good boundaries and propel us forward when we are assertive about our needs. For example, the young warriors for Mother Earth are no longer having any part of the apathy of adults. They understand how important it is that we address climate change now and they are angry that we are not. Their anger and assertiveness is propelling them forward to help create real change. Another good example is the Water Protectors of Standing Rock. When we are aligned with our inner truth we can become warriors for change.

Aries has much to do with the use of our will. Saturn and Pluto are both in a square to this Aries New Moon. Saturn may be laying obstacles in our path to slow us down to reflect upon what we are doing. Saturn shows us how to create in this dimension bringing manifestation into play. Saturn times are reality checks and can be difficult. If we slow down and listen to our inner wisdom, we will receive the guidance we need but it may not always be what we want to hear. Pluto brings in the concept of Divine Will. Is our will aligned with Divine Will? We often want things that are not in our highest good. I know I have. Over the years, I have repeated the prayer many times, “Thank you Creator for not giving me what I thought I wanted.” So, if things are not going the way we would like, now is an opportunity to deeply reflect on what our souls really want for us. When our will is aligned with our inner truth or Divine Will, we can move mountains.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at Aries 15 degrees is “Brightly Clad Brownies Dancing in the Warm Dying Light.” This symbol speaks to me of magic, unseen guardians and nature spirits that are only seen in the crack between the worlds at dusk. We have so many unseen and invisible helpers here from other dimensions and we only need to ask for their help in these difficult times. They speak to us in whispers, so listen carefully.

Speaking of magic, at this New Moon there is a Venus/Neptune/Mercury conjunction in Pisces which helps us remember our connection to the Great Cosmic Sea where we are all one, otherwise known as Unity Consciousness. Neptune in Pisces brings the Unconditional Love of the Divine Heart. It manifests as compassion which some say is the highest form of love. Neptune combined with Venus elevates human love into Divine Love. This New Moon brings in a great opportunity for our hearts to be cracked wide open by compassion. “In cultivating compassion, we draw from the wholeness of our experience-our suffering, our empathy, as well as our cruelty and terror. It has to be this way. Compassion is not a relationship between the healer and the wounded. It’s a relationship between equals.” Pema Chodren

It takes great courage to do the inner work that allows our hearts to open because when they do, we feel everything, including our own suffering, anger, fear and many other difficult emotions. It is said that the Divine Matrix, also known as “The Field” is made of compassion and as these feelings come up, they are met by this field and transmuted through self-forgiveness into love.

As these old feelings are transmuted into love, the Neptune/Mercury conjunction can help us remember the truth of who we are as powerful beings and that each one of us matter. As Terence McKenna says, “You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.” 

 As we remember that we are beings of power beyond measure, we can use this intense and passionate life force energy of the Aries New Moon to open our hearts to love, even when it hurts. It is love that allows us to give birth to what wants to be born in our lives. As Mary Oliver says, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

= Sibyl Star