Vision of Balance- Mercury Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius

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Mercury Retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius September 17, 2015

Today, September 17th, is an important day for big planetary events. Mercury goes retrograde for 3 weeks at 15 degrees of Libra and Saturn moves back into Sagittarius where he will be for the next 2 years. Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks, three times a year, asking us to slow down to rethink, reassess and edit what has already been done. Saturn represents our work to do and what we want to achieve. With both in motion today it may indicate it is time to reassess our plans and how to implement our goals.

Mercury retrograde is in a challenging aspect to Pluto. Pluto is about soul healing and by interacting with Mercury we are being asked to heal imbalances in our thinking and communicating. During this retrograde time it is important to recognize when we are overthinking something. A good sign of this is anxiety and worry. It is time to remember that our hearts are our true organs of guidance and that our minds are to help us implement that guidance. When we can drop down into our hearts, we will receive the guidance we need and be able to follow divine timing. Remember, Mercury retrograde asks us to slow down and Mercury in Libra is seeking balance and inner peace.

Mercury in Libra also asks us to reassess how we are communicating with others. He asks us to listen more than talk which allows for empathy, a quality of Libra. Most people just want to be heard and active listening can sometimes make all the difference in real communication between people. Libra is very concerned about justice and fairness about and they may want a voice during this time. Make time to listen carefully if these topics come up in our personal and community lives as feelings of being treated unfairly needs to be discussed openly. We all know there is great injustice in the world right now and many are treated unfairly. It may be time reflect upon these injustices, what role each us of plays by our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors in this imbalance. When we allow our  minds to align with our hearts is when justice occurs. The Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” really is an eternal truth.

Saturn has left Scorpio and won’t be back for twenty nine years. Hallelujah! Saturn in Scorpio has been very challenging in regards to releasing old, entrenched emotional patterns. A lot of old wounds have been poked, prodded and stirred around during Saturn’s transit in Scorpio. Today Saturn moves into Sagittarius for about 2 years. Wherever Saturn is transiting is our mountain to climb, our work to do. Sagittarius often bring with it a new vision, a better perspective of the big picture and how the pieces fit together. Saturn has to do with focus and the practical steps needed to accomplish our goals. Saturn asks us to take our time and do it right. With Saturn moving into Sagittarius, we are being asked to realize that our direction may be changing as our vision is changing. Saturn can bring our new or changed vision into reality with commitment and hard work.

The shadow side of Saturn in Sagittarius is self-limiting beliefs, especially those we have received from outside ourselves, such as our families, culture and religion. We will be asked to examine our belief systems, for what we believe becomes our truth. We will be invited to look deeply at our own prejudices, where they came from and whether this is truly how we feel. Sagittarius asks for tolerance and respect for all walks of life even without understanding. We might be pleasantly surprised at how much we grow by being open to learning from those with life perspectives different from our own.

Saturn in Sagittarius brings a great gift. If we can believe in ourselves and our vision, we can not only climb mountains but move them as well. The planetary motion of Mercury and Saturn at this time can bring with it a new vision of ourselves in balance. For when we come into balance, we bring our world into balance.

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy

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