The Power of Humility- Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

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Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse, September 12, 2015 at 11:55 pm PDT

The New Moon Solar eclipse at Virgo 20 degrees is a wonderful time to do healing work around silencing the inner critic, an inner demon for many of us. The sign Virgo is known for pointing out our imperfections. When we are stuck in the negative, critical voice in our heads, that self-criticism can be crippling and can spill out into judgment of others as well.

I once made an artistic representation of my inner critic. I created it with the intention of what appeared to me as a really serious issue. When I finished, all I could do was laugh when I looked at it. I realized my unconscious was telling me that when my inner critic was active, I was taking myself and the situation way too seriously. It was a great teaching for me to lighten up and to be kind to myself

The power of the sign Virgo is humility. Virgo points out where we can improve, where we can get into trouble is if we take process of improvement as related to our self-worth. We need to be humble to hear constructive criticism which is meant for healing and growth. The challenge is to differentiate between what is truly negative and hurtful from what is constructive and helpful. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, in Pisces opposes this eclipse in Virgo, allowing compassion for ourselves and others, with an understanding this earthly existence is about growth. We grow and improve often through making mistakes. I once heard that humility is one of the gates into heaven.

We all learn and grow by making what often appears to be “mistakes.” Virgo energy frequently cannot see the forest for the trees. There are often bigger forces at play and what seems like a wrong turn is often part of the teaching we are receiving at that moment as we are unable to see the whole picture. This eclipse brings with it an opportunity to see more of the big picture.

At a solar eclipse, the Sun blinks and allows cosmic consciousness to enter into an energy vortex, allowing the truth of who we really are to come into our awareness. As we release the parts of ourselves that feel unworthy and claim the true beauty of our souls, we can become self-empowered to do the sacred work of service to the greater good in our world, which is the true gift of Virgo.



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