Embodiment of Love- Scorpio New Moon

Scorpio New Moon- Nov. 18, 2017 at 3:43 am PST

I recently drew an oracle card at a ceremony, it was “Isis: Holy Queen, Embodied Manifestation of Love.” The ceremony I attended took me deep into the heart of the love of the Universe; I could feel that love in every fiber of my being. So when I drew this card at the end of the ceremony, I asked myself how I could walk in the world as the embodiment of love. I realized the New Moon at 26 degrees of Scorpio is giving much guidance to this question. It is important to remember the New Moon sets the energy and intention for the whole lunar cycle, about 29 days.

Scorpio is about emotional depth, feeling every human emotion that may range from grief, sorrow, loss and anger to joy, ecstasy and bliss as well as everything in between. Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are also about the cycles of life: birth, death, transformation and rebirth. They remind us that everything has its cycle of energy. There are times when important aspects of our lives may no longer serve us in their current form, just like the fruit falling off the vine. It is important to know when to let something go. Loss can be painful, however it arrives. But it is through feeling the emotions that come at difficult moments that allow our hearts to really open. As the saying goes, sometimes our hearts have to break to fully open.

This New Moon in Scorpio is tightly trine Chiron in Pisces, the Wounded Healer. Trines are an easy flow of energy and bring gifts. We are being given the gift of healing our hearts through compassion and self-forgiveness. We have all had losses to grieve at some moment, such as the loss of our innocence, loved ones, a home or a job. We may have blamed ourselves, asked what we could have done differently. This New Moon brings an opportunity let go of those old wounds, be compassionate and kind to ourselves with the understanding that this is the School of Earth and we all are learning.  As we can forgive ourselves, we can more easily forgive others who are also learning. Tears may be shed to heal and purify our hearts and emotional bodies of negativity, allowing us to feel more love. Scorpio comes in like the scorpion but is to rise like the phoenix from the ashes, transformed through forgiveness.

Jupiter and Venus are also in Scorpio. They are called the Greater and Lesser Benefics in astrology.  Each bring many blessing so when they are aligned together, the blessings can be very great. At the moment of their exact conjunction on November 13th, they were so close they looked like one great star. I have heard this may have been the planetary alignment that was seen at the birth of Jesus, called the Star of Bethlehem. This alignment is also in a trine to Neptune in Pisces which brings in the mystical, transcendent and magical realms where we are all one. As we free our hearts of negativity, the magic of love is afoot. Love on all levels-self-love, romantic love and compassion for all beings is possible at this time. We can go to those heights of ecstasy and bliss, a cosmic union with the Divine when we allow our hearts to open and expand into love.

Scorpio has an ancient ruler which is Mars and a modern ruler which is Pluto. They are in a square aspect which can indicate an inner conflict that erupts like a volcano if left unresolved. The conflict is about alignment with our inner truth and integrity as well as Divine Will. We may be shown where we are out of balance and why. Out of alignment, this aspect can create anger, frustration, a clash of wills, aggression, power struggles and even violence. When one is in alignment with their inner truth and Divine Will, it is the kind of energy that can move mountains. When we act on what we know in our hearts to be true nothing can stop us.

I live in Santa Rosa, CA where we have just had catastrophic fires and many have lost so much. There have been 42 deaths with 53 people still unaccounted for in the area. We are a community in deep grief. There has also been an incredible outpouring of love for this city from all over the country as well much support for each other. We are being transformed by our feelings of loss and grief but also compassion. This loss is providing us the opportunity to move forward in a different way. Just today I received a call from a councilman in the area wanting someone from the intentional community in which I live to give a presentation to the Healdsburg City Council. They want to know about our structure as they are interested in a different form of housing options for their city as this area is in a housing crisis and now so many more are without homes due to the fires.

With global warming, it is critical that we in California (and actually all of the West) acknowledge that fire is part of the ecology and take appropriate steps in determining how to live with fire. And most importantly, we have an opportunity to move forward with more renewable energy to supply our needs as we know the power lines were involved in creating this fire. Gregg Braden says we have all of the technology necessary to have our energy needs met by renewables. What we have not had is the will to do it. May we now have the will to do what we know in our hearts to be true.

As I write this article we have had another mass shooting by a man with a history of domestic violence. May we have the will to do what we know needs to be done around gun control and the deeper issues of the unhealthy toxic masculine energy which is so prevalent in our world. Many women are now speaking up about what has been held in secret about this toxicity and it has taken courage but it is time. Now is the moment to shine our light into the darkness for that is the only way to heal.

As we heal we can open our hearts and feel, for when we feel we can have compassion and ultimately forgiveness for ourselves and others. This is how we attune to the frequency of love which our true nature. We are the embodiment of divine love and when we remember and tune into love, that we can raise the vibration of the planet. Isis, as the Holy Queen and Mother,  helps us to remember that we are the “Embodied Manifestation of Love” and is the true shift in consciousness we have been seeking!

Sibyl Star