Free At Last! Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, August 7, 2017 at 11:11 am PDT

“Free at Last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty I’m free at last!” These famous words from Dr Martin Luther King epitomize this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 15 degrees of Aquarius. It has the potential to free us from old emotional baggage we have been carrying around; not only ours but our families and ancestral lineage as well. This Lunar Eclipse is aligned with the South Node of the Moon which is about releasing old emotional patterns, relationships and behaviors that no longer serve us.

As I was preparing this article I realized that it is the Full Moon moving through the Shadow of Mother Earth that blocks the reflected light of the Sun at a Lunar Eclipse. The Shadow of the Earth symbolizes the unowned, unhealed parts of our personal and Collective Unconscious but it is also where our deepest treasures lie.  NASA recently shared they believe the center of the Moon is water which symbolizes our emotions and is tied to the more unconscious aspects of ourselves. In the dark of this eclipse, the doorway to the Soul and deeper parts of our personal and Collective Unconscious may open wider. We will be diving into deep waters.

They say within our emotional body, which is symbolized by the Moon, all of the memories of the soul are encapsulated in emotional form as well as our karmic, ancestral and genetic lineages.  Old memories or repressed material may come to conscious awareness as well as the emotions attached to the memories. These memories may be from this lifetime or others. The important thing is to feel what comes up; the healing comes when we release the emotions  that surface and then don’t hook back into any old stories that may have triggered the emotional release. We must feel the energy to release it, possibly through tears or laughter.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius asks us to feel any wounds we may have around being different from others. We may have felt like we did not fit in our families, our culture or our world. Conformity is a survival tool but to our psyche it is a wound of cultural conditioning. Aquarius asks us to think for ourselves and let go of the need for the approval of others. It is time to trust ourselves and our own inner guidance or as Hamlet said, “To thine ownself be true.” As we release fears around the freedom to be ourselves, we also release the generational wounds of all the free spirits, mavericks and rule breakers in our lineage. The Aquarius Moon is opposite the Sun in Leo which asks us to shine our light. We can’t shine our light if we are afraid to be seen for who we are.

I have a Uranus ruled Aquarian Moon opposite Pluto. I have 5 generations of women in my mother’s mothers line who have Moon/Uranus (free spirited) and Moon/Pluto (deep feeling) aspects. I come from a long line of free spirited and deep feeling women who could not be themselves due to the restrictive culture so it came out in very dark ways, especially towards their children. It has been part of my healing journey not only to heal my own emotional nature but as I claim my right to be who I am, I free the generational trauma and wound around freedom to be oneself in my lineage; not only those who came before me but for my granddaughter who is coming after me as well.

I recently did a workshop on Eclipses and one of the presenters, Adam Gainsburg, at, shared some really brilliant insights that I would like to share. This information applies to both Lunar and Solar Eclipses.

“Eclipses test our attachments to: 1.) Who (we believe) we are; 2.) What (we believe) we need; 3.) Where (we believe) we should be in our lives; 4.) What (we believe) we should be doing.

Eclipses reveal: 1.) Who I actually am; 2.) Clarify what I actually need or want; 3.) Clarify more accurately where I am in my life; 4.) What I am actually capable of now.”

These are deep and thoughtful insights. One may get clarity immediately or it may be a process that takes place over time. They say the energy of the eclipse can start up to 2 weeks before the eclipse and last up to 2 weeks after. If the eclipse activates a planet in your chart, the effects can last up to 6 months. This Lunar Eclipse will activate the mid-degrees of the Fixed Signs: Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus. The house it activates is the area of life that will have a lot of focus in the next 6  months. Lunar Eclipses are harbingers of change in the emotional/psychic realm, especially if it activates a sensitive point in your chart.

As our Souls open so does access to our intuition, dreams and psychic material, the world of unseen forces. As we clear out old emotional baggage, our energy channels open so our psychic antennas receive Divine guidance more clearly. At this Lunar Eclipse, we must stay present in our bodies so that we can feel to move and release the energy blocks.  Also, Jupiter, known the Great Benefic, is in beneficial trine to the eclipse providing spiritual support and an opportunity for increased expansion of consciousness.

The Moon has a lot to do with emotional relationships with others so this eclipse can bring to the surface old issues that need to be addressed with those we love. It gives us an opportunity to do some deep healing with friends, partners and families. It may be time to say we are sorry for any mistakes we have made and then forgive ourselves for being less than perfect. We may find that some relationships leave our lives as part of the releasing and purifying process that is the South Node Lunar Eclipse. Information may come to the surface which has been hidden about ourselves and those we love.

This New Moon Lunar Eclipse is helping to clear the emotional body of fear which is what most conditioning and wounding really is. The Lunar Eclipse is preparing us the for Solar Eclipse of August where our Lightbodies are activated and charged to receive the higher frequency Love of the Cosmos. As we are anchoring that Love, our emotional bodies need to be able to feel and let the energy of Love move through us. We are moving toward freedom from fear and into Love!

Sibyl Star