Holy Water Hear Our Prayer! Cancer New Moon


Water is Sacred

Cancer New Moon, July 4, 2016 at 4 AM PDT

The unconditional love of the Divine Mother flows into us on this New Moon at 13 degrees of Cancer as it conjuncts the great blue star, Sirius. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that the star Sirius was the home of Au Set/Isis and was known as Sothis. They believed it was a place of great love, compassion and wisdom, the seat of the love of the Divine Mother. In some spiritual traditions the Sirius Constellation is believed to be the place from where dolphins and whales originate, bringing from that dimension their great teachings of love.

Cancer is the sign of the archetypal mother, our own mothers as well as the Great Mother. Cancer is very family oriented, giving love and devotion to those we call “ours.” The Moon, which rules the sign of Cancer, is often called Grandmother Moon by some indigenous people. The Moon influences the emotions and so when in Cancer be prepared to feel more deeply, be more sensitive and be in more touch with unseen realms. There are four planets in Cancer at this New Moon: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus. Cancer has to do with affairs of the heart. The key to the Universe is through the heart telling us that we are all loved. Love is the force that holds the Universe together.

Opposing all four planets in Cancer is Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is the dark lord who brings all of the shadow material into consciousness to be healed. As long as it stays in the unconscious it drives us through our fears, judgements and wounds thought we are not aware of it. Pluto opposing planets in Cancer can bring out its shadow of xenophobia, fear of those who are not like ourselves. This energy is very strong now but remember for it to be released it must come into conscious awareness. This New Moon falls on July 4th and as we celebrate the birth of this nation, let us not forget we are also children of the Earth and all people are part of our human family. It is time for inclusion and love, not exclusion and hate.

Cancer is a water sign and there are many points in water at this New Moon: Neptune, the South Node and Chiron in Pisces and Mars in Scorpio. There is actually a Grand Water Trine which indicates an easy flow of emotion, feeling and creativity at this time. But it also indicates that water itself is very prominent.

Recently a teacher from my spiritual community had a vision and was given a message from our Holy Mother Earth. She was shown and told that the Four Elemental Mothers and the Ancestors were angry with humans for the way we are treating our water and each other. She was told that great suffering would be coming to us in the form of natural disasters, especially from the water. She was guided to see the Oracle of Tibet in Dharamsala who said the same messages were being received there.

Just today in the news I saw several stories about serious problems with the water.  In several of the Gulf states, some beaches are closed due to contamination, some even had human feces in the water. I read that over 5300 communities in the US have as much lead in the water as Flint, MI and that twelve cases of Legionnaires Disease have been diagnosed from the water in Flint.  All of the above issues have been caused by humans.

Many third world countries do not have access to clean drinking water.  In some countries water is so difficult to obtain that a second wife, called a “water wife,” is obtained; just to get the water takes all day to go to the water source and carry it home. There are severe droughts all over the world, including the USA. The waters of the world are in trouble and our ecological crisis is a spiritual crisis. Water is sacred, the blood of Mother Earth. She cannot live with her blood diseased and polluted; when her lifeblood becomes too damaged She cannot live and neither can we.

The message from the Oracle of Tibet also has a component of hope. He was told that we must pray and hold ceremonies to heal the waters of the world and to appease the Four Elemental Mothers. We know that water responds to prayer, the molecules change in response. Pray over the water you drink daily. We need to tell the water how much we love it, how grateful we are for all it does and how sorry we are that we have abused it. The Ho’oponono prayer of forgiveness is a very powerful one to use. If you can, stand in the water while you pray for water carries the prayer far and wide.

Jupiter is conjunct the North Node in Virgo which also shows us the way forward. It says to me that in addition to prayer, another way to balance and appease the energy is through Karma Yoga or good works. Rumi says, “Work is love in action.”   To help heal the water and our world, put your love into practical action. For example, participate in cleaning up a creek or river, water gardens only at night or simply be aware of how sacred every drop of water is, using only what is needed, wasting none. Karma Yoga can be getting involved on a bigger scale such as the anti-fracking movement or water consciousness and conservation activism. Karma Yoga is also acts of kindness for others. Remember, whenever there in an opportunity to be kind take it, every act of kindness changes the world.

Water as an element is related to the heart, to our connection with others. Our damaged water is a reflection of our damaged hearts. In addition to xenophobia, another shadow side of Cancer is hiding our hearts and love behind strong defenses out of fear.  Those defenses need to come down, we must show the depth our love to each other and to Mother Earth, especially Her water.  When we allow ourselves to love deeply we really care what happens to the beloved. As we drop our defenses, the love from our hearts light up the world and our connection to the Divine Mother strengthens. We listen to the Divine with our hearts not our minds. We need that divine guidance more than ever in these challenging times.

Join me in the Ho’oponopono chant to the water and to each other:

“I’m so sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. I thank you.                           I’m so sorry. I love you, Please forgive me. I thank you.

Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono   Ho’oponopono  Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono Ho’oponopono.”

Here is a version of the chant by Rev. Celeste Yacaboni, Minister of Her Walking Prayer and author of “How Do You Pray?”



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