The Earth Is Our Mother- Taurus New Moon


Taurus New Moon, May 6, 2016 at 12:29 pm PDT

“Ancient mother, I hear you calling. Ancient mother, I hear your song. Ancient mother, I hear your laughter. Ancient mother, I taste your tears.”

Many of you may recognize this chant, it is a song to Mother Earth which epitomizes the energy of the New Moon at 17 degrees of Taurus. Mother Earth is calling to us, reminding us that She is our mother and we are all Her children. I just recently had a reading with a very renowned psychic who sad the Shift that is occurring is the restoration of the Divine Mother in all Her forms. As Earth Mother, She is fertile, creative and abundant, giving life to all beings here on this sacred planet.

At this New Moon there are four planets in Taurus, which is ruled by Mother Earth; they are the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury retrograde. The asteroid Vesta, the archetype of the Priestess, is also in Taurus. Taurus reminds us of the importance of being grounded and deeply connected to the Earth during these changing and hectic times. The best way to ground is to be outside in the natural world. The Divine speaks most clearly when we are fully present in nature. I now refer to my walks in the woods as “going to church.” I can feel the presence of the Divine so acutely in the trees, the water and the animals. I often come home with solutions to my problems and the guidance that I was seeking. I try to walk three times a week and it is so re-invigorating, especially after much time on the computer. Try it, it works!

Taurus invites us into the sensual world of Mother Earth. Take time to fully appreciate Her gift of our bodies, our “Temples of the Soul.” Let us take off our shoes. Dance. Touch the Earth. Make love. Smell the fragrance of the flowers. Enjoy sunsets and listen to the birds. The world may be hectic but Taurus reminds us to be the calm in the center of the storm. One way to do that is to take moments out for pleasures of the body and connect deeply to beauty and gifts of the Earth.

We often speak of healing Mother Earth. In Latin, mater means “mother.” We are matter and as we heal ourselves, the Earth is healed; as the Earth is healed, we heal ourselves. Take time in this New Moon cycle to pay attention to the wisdom of our bodies and what they are communicating to each of us. Our bodies tell us what we need if we will only listen. The most important healing is that of our hearts for each change of heart changes the whole as we are all connected.

There is a really wonderful pattern present at this New Moon called a Kite, which consists of a Grand Earth Trine of the planets in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter/North Node in Virgo which also opposes Neptune in Pisces. This pattern is a gift of the electromagnetic forces of the Earth for healing, flowing into love for all beings and reminding us that we are all connected. The energy of the Kite invokes the wisdom of the shamans and Earth Keepers, the crystal healers and the herb and plant medicine ways to help us heal ourselves and our world. Stepping deeply into the energy of the Earth is a profoundly spiritual experience. The pattern of this Kite is a portal into the mysteries of the Earth and Her ways of prayer. She is calling on us to remember so we can take the steps to heal ourselves and Mother Earth. Many indigenous elders carry the ancient teachings and wisdom of the Earth necessary for this healing.

At this New Moon in Taurus, there are five planets retrograde. This is a very rare occurrence; the last time this happened was over ten years ago. Retrograde planets always ask us to go back over the territory the planet symbolizes and realign ourselves with that piece of our own truth: Mars—passion and life direction, Saturn—inner authority, Jupiter—self-confidence, Pluto—shadow material as well as self-empowerment and Mercury—how we perceive the world. On a collective as well as a personal level we need to look at the past and see our mistakes so we can create a different future. When many planets are retrograde they can also act as agents of change as we step away from herd mentality to find our own truth. It is not surprising that there is political revolution in the air with so many planets retrograde.

The Sabian Symbol for Taurus 17 degrees is “A Symbolical Battle Between ‘Swords,’ the Disciples of Might, and “Torches,” the Disciples of Enlightenment.” This is a very powerful image of what is going on right now in the world, between those with power and those bearing the light of truth and love.

Mother Earth is calling us and time is running out. We are destroying Her waters, Her forests; Her whole biosphere is in danger and with it all life is in danger. The reconnection with the sacredness and love of our Earth Mother is vital. We are at a crossroads now and we do have choices. We can choose the old way of fear and destruction, which is the way of the sword and might. Or we can choose the way of the Light, which takes courage to set a new course. We need leaders who have the boldness to speak truth to power and ultimately we are all leaders. We are waking up after a deep sleep of feeling powerless but things are changing. We have the power to create a different world but we must first come back into loving relationship with our Earth Mother. When we love Her we will take care of Her as She takes care of us.

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