Love or Fear-It’s Your Choice!


Aries New Moon on April 7, 2016 at 4:25 am PDT

Love or fear, it is a choice. We are at a time when everything is changing and shifting with the ground moving under our feet at any given moment. The old paradigm is crumbling and all the fear it has been based upon is being released. We can succumb to fear, both our own as well as the collective or we can make a different choice. We can choose love, we can choose kindness and we can choose truth. Real truth is always based in love, not fear. Aries asks for courage to confront our fears and do what needs to be done. Aries brings new beginnings, let us start by choosing love and trust over fear at this New Moon at Aries 19 degrees on April 7th.

The Aries New Moon is conjunct the planet Uranus and square Pluto. Uranus is the planet of awakening. A sleeping giant is awakening as more and more people awaken from the dream. Uranus works like lightning, with sudden “aha!” moments of perfect clarity and understanding. Pluto asks for complete truth and authenticity, often eliminating what is false in our lives and in our world. The lies on which so many of the structures of our world are based and are coming to the light. The action of Pluto is sometimes compared to that of a volcano, as when the fire under the surface finally erupts! We are being initiated by fire, by the flames of transformation.

Uranus conjunct the Sun and Moon in Aries is about a personal revolution as well as a collective one. We are clearing old patterns, judgments, and memories. The time of the purification is here, helping us release all that is false and untrue for each of us. As an example, I went to a very powerful healer last week. When I got there I was struggling with a decision. As she did bodywork I became very cold and was shivering even though the room was actually hot. She told me this was fear rising to the surface and leaving my body. By the end of the session, I was clear about what choice I needed to make. As I reflected upon the situation, I was shocked at how much fear I had been holding around it. I was continuing to let myself do something out of poverty consciousness and fear that was not authentic for me nor something I really enjoyed. As I released the fear, I was able to come to clarity and peace, able to trust my own inner guidance once again.

As the political, financial and traditional religious structures crumble and fear is released, it is comparable to a nuclear reactor that is damaged, all of the toxins are released into the environment. The fear level both personally and collectively is increasing as it leaves but we don’t have to let it contaminate us. Let it rise to the light where it can be transmuted into love. The bottom line is that we are at a place where we each must choose love or fear. Whatever choice we make personally will affect not only our lives but the lives of every being on Earth. When we choose love, we choose self-empowerment. We are all being called to stand in our power, we are all being called to be leaders. May we all choose love!

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Sagittarius at 9 degrees at this New Moon and conjunct the fixed star, Antares, which is one of the royal stars of Persia. Antares brings worldly success and great passion but can become one’s undoing if the passion becomes obsessive. Mars in Sagittarius is the warrior of truth and turns retrograde on April 17th at Sagittarius 9 degrees.  When retrograde, Mars is asking us to realign ourselves on the path of authenticity and truth but warning of fundamentalism and inflexibility. Remember, truth is based in love where there is room for everyone.

Antares is called the Guardian or “Watcher of the West” and is aligned with the Archangel Uriel. When this star shows up in a powerful way it is about the purification and transmutation of lower vibrational energies into enlightened spiritual understanding. Archangel Uriel can show us how to find our inner power and accelerate the shifts into higher realms of consciousness.

At this Aries New Moon, a powerful pattern called a T-Square is present, involving Saturn in a square to both Jupiter and Neptune. Saturn in Sagittarius can show us how our self-limiting beliefs can sabotage both our vision for the future (Jupiter) and our trust in our intuition and imagination (Neptune), our direct connection to Spirit. When we can release self-limiting beliefs, this aspect can then show us the practical steps needed to make our dreams real.  “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” ~ Jonas Salk

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon at Aries 19 degrees is, “A Magic Carpet Hovers over the Depressing Reality of Everyday Life in an Industrial Area.” This image is a call for use of the creative imagination to change this world. We know that creation happens on the etheric realm before it materializes in this dimension. The old paradigm is crumbling, let us create a new one based on compassion, caring for each other and Mother Earth. Don’t let fear keep us from the magic that is afoot. Love is the biggest magic of all. Choose love!

“And suddenly you know: It is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” Meister Eckhart

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