Love Changes Everything! Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces, March 8, 2016 at 5:54 pm PST

Let go of everything you think you know! This total Solar Eclipse at Pisces 19 degrees is a cosmic energy portal, the Sun blinks and the energy rushes in. This solar eclipse has many points in Pisces whose energy can present us with windows into other worlds. Those worlds come to us through our intuition, our imagination and dreams. Our dreams may be very powerful now so be sure to track them. Pisces reminds us that on deep levels of spirit we are all One and therefore increases our sensitivity to subtle energy that resides in and around us. Be ready to allow shifts in consciousness that change how we perceive the world. All is not as it seems!

At this solar eclipse there are seven points in Pisces, including the Sun, Moon, Mercury and its ruler Neptune. With so much energy here we could feel like we are walking in the fog, unable to find our sense of direction. The teaching is to open to our own inner guidance and intuition, our personal GPS system. As a rule of thumb with Neptune and Pisces, if it feels true, it is true, even if it doesn’t make sense to our rational mind. Our challenge is to trust our intuition as it is directly connected to Source and our own Divinity. The guidance speaks through the heart, not the mind.

Pisces is a water sign representing the waters of the world. The asteroid Ceres, an aspect of the Great Mother, and Chiron, “the Wounded Healer,” are conjunct this eclipse in Pisces. We all know the waters of the world are in trouble, e.g. the poisoned water in Flint, MI. I feel the waters are calling to us, asking us to listen as our oceans are dying and our drinking water is polluted.  We know that water responds to prayer, the water molecules actually change  in response to feelings expressed and words spoken. It feels like the cry of the water is a crucial aspect of this eclipse, so let us make a serious commitment to include prayers for the water in our ceremonies and in our daily lives. This eclipse may produce upheaval through very turbulent waters via storms, heavy rain and flooding.

Water is an element that connects us to the realm of feeling. Pisces is a very sensitive sign, with an almost telepathic connection to the feelings of others. When we allow ourselves to feel the suffering of others it can create empathy and compassion. I have heard that we have incarnated to develop compassion which is the highest form of love. Remember that love is a state of consciousness not an emotion. Let our love flow like water and encompass our full being.

The Pisces Solar Eclipse is opening a cosmic portal of Universal love and compassion. The most important being to love and have compassion for is oneself. We can develop that compassion through forgiveness. Radical self-forgiveness, as a very wise teacher reminded me, is the path to self-love.  Radical self-forgiveness is having compassion for ourselves as human beings who make mistakes. As we forgive ourselves we can release the guilt that can affect our ability to be authentic with those we love.  I came to the awareness that through guilt I was allowing a loved one to mistreat me. As I forgave myself, I was then able to set better boundaries around how I would allow myself to be treated which was an act of self-love.

Jupiter in Virgo tightly opposes this eclipse bringing with it the opportunity for healing. The only way to heal our world is for each of us to do our own healing work. There is a quote from indigenous elders that holds great truth, “As we heal ourselves, we heal seven generations before us, seven generations after us, and Mother Earth.” The healing begins with each of us having the humility to do our part. Jupiter and the eclipse tightly aspect the Nodes of the Moon on the Pisces/ Virgo Axis. This axis is that of the practical mystic, the one who puts their prayers in motion with practical feet. In this eclipse, the practical action is in relation to healing ourselves and the waters of the world, to become guardians of our water.

Saturn in Sagittarius is in a challenging aspect to this eclipse. Saturn often evokes fear which is the opposite of love. It can interfere with the flow of cosmic energy and the love coming through the eclipse portal. Saturn in Sagittarius can bring a test of faith regarding whether it is possible to have a world where love and compassion are the guiding principles. One reason for that doubt is thousands of years of conditioning and the imprinting of fear. Saturn in Sagittarius relates to learned conditioning and beliefs from our families, culture and religion. We have been imprinted by fear for a very long time, telling us who we can be and who we can love. For example, just recently laws against homosexuality were taken off the books in some states and gay marriage has just been legalized. This was a consequence of the release of old imprinting and long held beliefs for many around homosexuality. It is time to release any shackles of fear that hold us back from our authentic selves and a world where love and compassion are cornerstones. I have seen this quote lately and it feels so true, “She travels between worlds, unlearning thousands of years of conditioning.”  Divine Feminine Reawakening

On a personal note, if you have planets from 15-21 degrees on the Virgo/Pisces axis, this eclipse can call you to your personal destiny relating to that the energy of that planet. For example, I have Saturn at Virgo 18 degrees. One aspect of Saturn is our work in the world. It is a though a spotlight is focused on my work for the next year with a lot of change happening there. Saturn brings up fear, so I will need to face some fears I have in that area of life.

The power of this Solar Eclipse in Pisces is to remind us that we are all in this together. The only way through our current problems is through love and compassion for ourselves and each other. As we release guilt and conditioning from the past, it allows our hearts to open where we can more fully feel the connection with our own Divinity and with the Source of all Creation. That connection is love as a state of consciousness. When can more fully feel that connection when we remember that we are also one with Mother Earth and all her beings. Our beautiful Mother Earth is calling us to her water, her blood that connects us all. Let our love heal the waters of the world as we heal ourselves and each other.

“Love is the water of life, jump into this water. Every drop from this ocean brings a new life.” Rumi

Sibyl Star