Revelations of the Heart- Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse- Jan 31, 2018 at 5:28 am PST

A total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 12 degrees of Leo will be visible, at least partially, in most of North America in the early morning hours of Jan 31st. This is a very powerful event as it is both a SuperMoon, meaning it is close to the Earth and a Blue Moon, a second Full Moon in a month. It is also called a Blood Moon because it will appear to be red. Lunar Eclipses impact our innermost selves and relationships very strongly. What is hidden in our hearts comes into conscious awareness.

The Moon symbolizes the emotional body which feels its way through, especially at a Full Moon. This Full Moon in Leo is asking us to follow our bliss! We know what our bliss is by what brings us joy. Love and joy are states of being not emotions and it is through our emotional body that we get there. For each individual the question is not so much what do I want as what or who do I love? Answer that question and it will lead to truth and authenticity of self.

This Lunar Eclipse is in Leo and ruled by the Sun which is our star, all of the other planets (bodies of consciousness) orbit around it. The Sun is our life force and the heart of our solar system. Astrologically, the Sun is the symbol of the center of our being, our purpose, why we are here. Leo and the Sun both represent the Divine Spark in each of us, why each one of us is special. Each of us wears a face of the Divine bringing something unique that no one else has to offer.

The dwarf planet Ceres, archetype of the Great Earth Mother, is tightly conjunct the Moon and also at Leo 12 degrees. She is showing us the importance of nurturing the Divine Spark that resides in our hearts. Take time to love, play and create! That is how we feed our hearts.

I have talked about this being a time when we are going through the “eye of the needle” and  need to be in alignment with our truth. It is through the heart that we find the truth. Sometimes truth is hard or scary but we know it when we feel it. Eclipses are always about change and lunar eclipses have to do with our innermost selves. During this time of the total lunar eclipse in Leo we might discover what our hearts really want in order to be aligned with the Divine within. We may be asked to step out of our comfort zones or make hard choices. To make the shift in consciousness that we know is coming, we are being asked to answer the call of change and destiny as this eclipse is conjunct the North Node  (way forward.) The heart knows the way, listen carefully.

This Lunar Eclipse in Leo is opposite the Sun, Venus and South Node conjunct in Aquarius. Aquarius recognizes the Divine Spark in everyone; it knows that we are all special and equal which is quite a paradox. Aquarius is a visionary sign and sees ahead into the future. To be able to see clearly, Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, the Divine Mind, may disconnect from the emotions. Aquarius may also become detached as a defense mechanism to keep from being hurt and become emotionally and physically isolated. Aquarius is an air sign that can get lost in the world of ideas. This Leo New Moon is calling in the visionary gifts of Aquarius but they must come through the heart. As we move into the Age of Aquarius, we must remember that the Mind serves the Heart and it is through the heart that we stay connected to others.

Relationships come into play very powerfully at this eclipse because the Moon is opposite Venus conjunct the asteroid Juno. These three are all cosmic bodies that signify relationship. The Moon in Leo wants romance and devotion, Venus and Juno in Aquarius want friendship and freedom. This relationship dynamic may come up strongly as it seeks integration. It may be a signal that it is important to be individuated within any relationship to be truly happy.  All love comes from within first, we must love and care for ourselves before we can fully love others. We may need some space for ourselves to be fully committed to another. Also, Lunar Eclipses may bring to light some information about our partners or the relationship that had previously been hidden.

Aquarius is associated with technology which can bring many gifts. However a shadow side of this Aquarian technology is virtual reality and virtual relationships rather than flesh and blood connections with others. We must be careful to not get lost in the ficticious realities created by the mind. This Lunar eclipse is reminding us to stay grounded in our hearts to know what is real and what is not.

The Moon/Ceres and Venus/Juno conjunctions are strong feminine archetypes active in this Lunar Eclipse. How appropriate that it occurs right after the International Women’s March on January 20th in which millions of women and their allies participated. This eclipse is activating the empowered Feminine and invites us to keep moving forward with the heart of the lioness. For real systemic change to occur there needs to be a healthy balance between the masculine and the feminine and there is still much work to do.

These times of big change call for courage and it is within each of our hearts that the courage will be found. We must let the light of love and joy in our hearts to illuminate the way forward.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller

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